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In addition to being an actor, Dolph Lundgren is a well-known Swedish film director, screenwriter, and mixed martial artist. Lundgren has starred in more than 40 films and is most known for his roles in blockbuster films such as ‘Rocky IV,’ ‘Universal Soldier,’ and ‘Expendables.’ He has also appeared in a number of television shows. “The Defender,” a British-German film directed by him, was released in 2004 and marked his directorial debut in the industry.

The next year, he directed many more films, including ‘Missionary Man,’ which was presented at the ‘AFI Dallas Film Festival’ in 2008. He is currently working on his next feature film project. Lundgren has also appeared in a number of other productions, most notably the superhero television series ‘Arrow,’ which he created. For his performance in ‘Rocky IV,’ Lundgren was awarded the ‘Marshall Trophy for Best Actor’ in 1985.

A black belt in ‘Kyokushin’ karate, he has competed in the European championships in 1980 and 1981. He is also an accomplished martial artist who has received numerous awards. Lundgren has long been connected with fitness and bodybuilding, and he even wrote a book titled ‘Train Like an Action Hero: Be Fit Forever,’ which is available on

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Fan Mail Address:

Dolph Lundgren
Zero Gravity Management
11110 Ohio Avenue
Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90025-3329

Address Information:

Zero Gravity Management
(Talent Management Company)
11110 Ohio Avenue
Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90025-3329

Hans Lundgren was born on November 3, 1957, in Spanga, Sweden, and became known professionally as Dolph. Karl Johan Hugo Lundgren’s father Karl Johan Hugo Lundgren was an economist and engineer who worked for the Swedish government while his mother Sigrid Birgitta was a schoolteacher. Dolph began training in martial arts, including judo and Gj-Ryu, when he was just seven years old.

He then began training in ‘Kyokushin’ karate when he was ten years old and began lifting weights when he was in his early thirties. After spending his childhood in Spnga, Dolph moved to Nyland, Germany and, when he was 13 years old to live with his grandparents. As soon as he graduated from high school in Sweden, Lundgren came to the United States and got himself accepted into two chemical engineering programmes at Washington State University and Clemson University, respectively.

In the late 1970s, he returned to Sweden because he was required to serve a year in the ‘Swedish Marine Corps’ as part of his military service. His chemical engineering degree was awarded to him by the ‘Royal Institute of Technology,’ in Stockholm, after that. During his college years, Lundgren was not only concentrating on his education, but he was also perfecting his karate abilities. He served as the captain of the Swedish karate team, which competed in the 1979 ‘World Open Tournament’ in the United States.

His career began in Europe, where he won the European championships for two straight years before moving to Australia in the early 1980s, where he won a heavyweight championship in 1982. His master’s degree from the ‘University of Sydney’ was awarded to him the following year as well. During his time in Sydney, he worked as a bouncer in one of the city’s most prominent nightclubs to help pay for his living expenses.

In the course of his duties at the nightclub, he was noticed by Grace Beverly Jones, a famous Jamaican-American singer and supermodel, who engaged him to serve as her personal bodyguard. As a result of his growing romantic interest in Grace Jones, he eventually relocated to New York City in order to live with her at her apartment. Grace Jones had a significant influence on his decision to pursue modelling, which resulted in him landing a modelling contract with the ‘Zoli Agency.’

The modelling agency, on the other hand, did not take him seriously, claiming that he was too big and muscular for the position of the model. Like a bouncer at a prominent Manhattan nightclub, he was given the opportunity to study theatre at the prestigious Warren Robertson Theatre Workshop, which he took advantage of while working at The Limelight in the mornings. More and more he was exposed to the world of acting, the more he developed a passion for it.

He also began socialising with people such as Andy Warhol, Zara Mohamed Abdulmajid, Tom Hulce, and Andie MacDowell, which fueled his interest in the acting industry even more intensely. The next year, after ending his relationship with Grace Beverly Jones, Lundgren began dating American model and actress Paula Barbieri. The pair, on the other hand, opted not to continue their connection, which ultimately culminated in their separation.

Anette Qviberg, a fashion stylist and jewellery designer, was Lundgren’s wife when they tied the knot in 1994. Following their wedding, the couple made the decision to relocate to Marbella, Spain, where they purchased a property. They were blessed with two children, Greta Eveline Lundgren and Ida Sigrid Lundgren, as a result of their marriage to Qviberg. He divorced Anette Qviberg in 2011 and then began dating Jenny Sanderson, with whom he was in a relationship until they split up in 2014.

Dolph Lundgren presently resides in the Los Angeles, California, area with his family. In addition to working out in the gym, he is constantly updating his official Instagram account, which has more than a million followers, with the latest photographs and videos.

As part of his role as Grace Jones’ boyfriend on the set of ‘A View to a Kill,’ Dolph Lundgren was given the opportunity to try out a role that was based on Jones’ suggestions. It was because of this that he was cast in his first Hollywood film, Venz, in which he portrayed a henchman in the James Bond film starring Roger Moore.

(1)Full Name: Dolph Lundgren

(2)Born: 3 November 1957

(3)Father: Karl Lundgren

(4)Mother: Brigitta Lundgren

(5)Brother: Not Available

(6)Spouse: Anette Qviberg (M. 1994–2011), Peri Momm (M. 1991–1992)

(7)Occupation: Actor

(8)Famous As: Not Available

(9)Birth Sign: Scorpio

(10)Nationality: Swedish

(11)Height: 6 feet 5 inches

(12)Religion: Not Available

(13)School: Not Available


(a) Wesley College
(b) University of Sydney

(15)Educational Qualifications: Not Available

(16)Hometown: Spånga, Sweden

(17)Address: Spånga, Sweden

(18)Hobbies: Not Available

(19)Contact Number: (310) 694-3800

(20)Email ID: Not Available



The next year, he sent his photographs and films to one of the connections of actor Sylvester Stallone after learning that Stallone was seeking an imposing fighter to play a key role in the upcoming film “Rocky IV.” Despite the fact that he was first rejected, the production crew for ‘Rocky IV’ eventually came out to him after auditioning 5,000 other actors.

As a result, Dolph Lundgren earned the role of Ivan Drago, the film’s major antagonist, which was his breakthrough role. Following the release of ‘Rocky IV,’ Dolph Lundgren was recognized as a legitimate action star. Lundgren did, after all, fight in a real boxing match against Oleg Taktarov, which aided his on-screen image as an action hero following his appearance in the Sylvester Stallone film.

It was in the science-fantasy film ‘Masters of the Universe,’ in which he played the all-powerful He-Man, that Dolph Lundgren received his first major starring role. Unfortunately, the picture garnered generally unfavourable reviews, and a few critics went on to declare that Lundgren will never be a household name in the entertainment industry. However, he was also likened to other wrestlers, such as Arnold.

Because of his incredible physique and his ability to pull off jaw-dropping action sequences, filmmakers continued to cast Dolph Lundgren in their films after his first appearance. After that, he appeared in 15 films, including six direct-to-video productions, over the course of the 1990s. Some of his films, such as ‘Universal Soldier’ (1992) and ‘Johnny Mnemonic’ (1995), were critical and commercial successes, further increasing his popularity.

Since the release of ‘Silent Trigger,’ which was released in 1996, practically all of his films have been published on video-on-demand. “The Minion,” “Agent Red,” and “The Last Warrior” are just a few of the direct-to-video films that he has directed that have been extremely successful. In 2004, Lundgren took on the role of director for the first time, directing the British-German action film ‘The Defender,’ which was released in theatres that year.

Douglas W. Miller wrote the screenplay for the picture, which included notable performances by Dolph Lundgren, Jerry Springer, and Shakara Ledard. Beyond directing “The Mechanik” the next year, Lundgren made his screenwriting debut with the picture, which he wrote with Bryan Edward Hill and was released in theatres in December of that year. He also appeared in the film as the main character, alongside performers such as Ben Cross and Olivia Lee.


Later, he went on to direct a few more films, including ‘Missionary Man’ (2007), ‘Command Performance’ (2009), and ‘Icarus’ (2010), before returning to the big screen in the 2010 American action picture ‘The Expendables.’ He also appeared in the film ‘The Expendables’ as Gunner Jensen.

Among the actors who appeared in the picture were Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, and Steve Austin, among others. Gunner Jensen, the character that he originated in the 2012 film “The Expendables,” was brought back to life by him in the 2013 action movie “The Package,” where he co-starred with Steve Austin.

“Battle of the Damned,” “Ambushed,” and “Puncture Wounds” were just a few of the direct-to-video pictures that he appeared in during the next few years. In 2014, he returned to the screen in the sequel to ‘The Expendables,’ which was directed by Patrick Hughes and featured him as Gunner Jensen once more. His next project was the action thriller ‘Skin Trade,’ which was loosely based on the subject of human trafficking.

He co-produced, co-wrote, and appeared in it the next year. In addition, he appeared in the television series “The Walking Dead.” In line with expectations, Dolph Lundgren’s performance in ‘Kindergarten Cop 2’ was compared to that of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had played a major role in the film’s precursor, ‘Kindergarten Cop.’ Lundgren’s performance in ‘Kindergarten Cop.’

His 2018 filmography includes films such as “Black Water,” “The Tracker,” “Pups Alone: A Christmas Peril,” and “Creed II,” in which he reprises his role as the strong warrior Ivan Drago. In addition, he appeared in the television series “The Voice.” Lundgren continues to appear in films on a regular basis, portraying a variety of roles that frequently engage in physically demanding feats on the big screen.

Throughout his acting career, Lundgren has not only shown off his acting abilities in theatrical and direct-to-video films, but he has also been in a number of television programmes that have shown his abilities. The actor didn’t return to the small screen until 2010 when he appeared as Marco in the spy-drama television series “Chuck,” which premiered that year. Lundgren first appeared on the small screen in 1998 in a television film named “Blackjack.”

The role of John Eriksson in the action-drama television series ‘SAF3,’ also known as ‘Rescue 3,’ was his first major television role. He appeared in 12 episodes of the show in 2013. From 2016 to 2017, he appeared on the American superhero television series ‘Arrow,’ in which he had recurrent roles. Green Arrow is a DC comic superhero, and he played Konstantin Kovar in the series, which was based on the role in which he appeared.

In 2017, he appeared as an older version of John Cena’s character Gustav Ditters in the mockumentary television film ‘Tour de Pharmacy,’ in which he played the character’s grandfather. The film, which also stars Orlando Bloom, Andy Samberg, and Freddie Highmore, premiered on HBO in the United States. Matt Eastin directed the video for the song “Believer,” which featured him as a boxer. He also appeared in the music video for “Believer” the following year.

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