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Mel Gibson

Dr. Mel Colm-Cille Mel Gibson, whose real name is Gerard Gibson, is an American actor and filmmaker.  When he was 12 years old, his family uprooted from New York to Sydney, Australia for the sake of his safety and the security of his home. The thought of his sons being drafted into the Vietnam War made his father decide to leave the United States. After finishing high school in Australia, Mel Gibson went on to study acting. This became the turning moment of his life.

After starting out in the theatre, he went on to direct the Australian smash hit Mad Max, which went on to become an international phenomenon thanks to its several sequels and spinoffs. In 1985, he was honoured by People magazine as the Sexiest Man Alive. The success of Braveheart demonstrated to moviegoers that he was just as talented behind the camera as he was on screen. This effective move from actor to director garnered him parallels with Clint Eastwood. However, his personal life has been tarnished by a number of controversies, including drunkenness, drunk driving, domestic violence, drug addiction, and allegations that he is homophobic, anti-Semitic, racist, and misogynistic.

The son of Hutton Gibson and Anne Patricia, Mel Gibson entered the world on January 3, 1956, in Peekskill, New York. There were a total of ten children born to his parents, and he was the sixth kid. Hutton worked as a brakeman for a train. That year, 1964, he had a terrible accident that cost him his job. He received $145,000 in compensation from the New York Central Railroad. When he played Jeopardy, he too came out on top, winning $21,000.


Mel Gibson picture

Mel was a child of the Vietnam War era, only 12 years old. Having heard that their sons could be recruited, the family relocated to West Pymble, Sydney, Australia. Mel Gibson completed his high school education at St. Leo’s Catholic College, Wahroonga, and Asquith Boys High School in Asquith. After that, he enrolled at Sydney’s University of New South Wales.

Gibson wanted to either become a chef or a journalist after finishing school. However, his sister applied to Sydney’s National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) on his behalf. He auditioned and got selected. After graduation in 1977, he headed to the Southern Australian Theater Company.

In 1977, he starred in both a low-budget movie titled Summer City and a TV series titled The Sullivans. The doors to stardom opened in 1979, after his role as Max Rockatansky in the movie Mad Max and as a mentally challenged guy in Tim.

With Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, the third instalment of the series, he earned a million dollars for the first time in 1985. In Lethal Weapon, starring opposite Danny Glover, he became a recognizable face in the United States. The success of the original film from 1987 prompted the production of three more instalments, in 1989, 1992, and 1998. In 1990, Mel Gibson shifted genres out of fear of being typecast as an action star. Shakespeare, an adventure comedy called “Bird on a Wire,” and “Air America” were all under his belt (action comedy). In 1993, he directed his first picture, The Man Without a Face, in which he also featured as a horribly scarred burn victim.

Braveheart, Gibson’s 1995 film, was his most emotionally invested work to that point. In addition to directing, he also acted in the film as Sir William Wallace. To everyone’s surprise, he outdid himself, and the film ended up taking home two Academy Awards. On June 7, 1980, in a Roman Catholic Church in Forestville, New South Wales, Mel Gibson wed Robyn Denise Moore, a dental nurse. Together, they’ve produced one daughter and six sons. After 26 years of marriage, they split up in 2006. They divorced in 2011.


Mel Gibson pic

Gibson’s family emigrated to Australia when he was twelve years old. In 1974, he joined Sydney’s National Institute of Dramatic Art, and while still a student, he made his film debut in the role of a surfer in the film Summer City. He began working with the State Theatre Company of South Australia after graduating in 1977. In George Miller’s Mad Max, released two years later, he played a rogue police officer out for vengeance. Gibson won the best actor at the Australian Film Institute Awards for his role as a mentally challenged handyman in the romantic comedy Tim. In 1981, for the World War I drama Gallipoli, he received the Oscar once again for his performance.

Gibson’s breakthrough as a global celebrity occurred after the release of Mad Max 2. He later established himself as a top movie office draws with Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and the action-packed Lethal Weapon series, which debuted in 1987. The Year of Living Dangerously, which chronicled the fall of President Sukarno’s Indonesian government, and Hamlet, the first picture produced by his business, ICON Productions, both received positive reviews. The Man Without a Face, in which he also featured, was his directorial debut in 1993. Following this, Gibson portrayed the Scottish national hero Sir William Wallace in the 1995 epic Braveheart, which he also directed. There were a total of five Oscars out for the film.

Mel Gibson Contact Information

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Fan Mail Address:

Mel Gibson
Icon Productions
808 Wilshire Blvd.
4th Floor
Santa Monica, CA 90401-1894

Address Information:

Icon Productions
(Production Company)
808 Wilshire Blvd.
4th Floor
Santa Monica, CA 90401-1894

Gibson, who had previously starred in a number of critically acclaimed films as both a director and an actor, made his directorial return with The Passion of the Christ, a depiction of the final 12 hours of Jesus Christ’s life based on the biblical Gospels. Some detractors claimed anti-Semitism, gratuitous violence, and historical inaccuracies in The Passion, despite the fact that it was a box office smash and one of the highest-grossing films of all time. The year 2006 saw the debut of Apocalypto. Gibson directed this violent film, which used the Mayan dialect and took place during the fall of the Mayan kingdom.


Mel Gibson photo

Gibson’s popularity decreased substantially in the early 21st century, mainly because of a number of offscreen acts that many believed revealed animosity toward some minority groups, particularly Jews. A domestic violence inquiry in 2010 severely eroded his reputation. However, in the same year, he made his acting comeback in Edge of Darkness, portraying a police detective looking into the murder of his daughter. It was his first major performance in eight years.

(1)Full Name:  Mel Colmcille Gerard Gibson

(2)Born: January 3, 1956

(3)Father: Hutton Gibson

(4)Mother: Anne Reilly

(5)Brother: Donal Gibson

(6)Spouse: Robyn Moore Gibson (m. 1980–2011)

(7)Occupation: Actor, Producer, Director

(8)Famous As Actor, Producer, Director

(9)Birth Sign: Capricorn

(10)Nationality: Australian, American, Irish

(11)Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches

(12)Religion: Catholic

(13)School: National Institute of Dramatic Art (Kensington, Sydney, Australia)

(14)College/University: National Institute of Dramatic Art (Kensington, Sydney, Australia)

(15)Educational Qualifications: National Institute of Dramatic Art (Kensington, Sydney, Australia)

(16)Hometown: Peekskill, New York, U.S.

(17)Address: Peekskill, New York, U.S.

(18)Hobbies:  Traveling

(19)Contact Number: (310) 434-7300

(20)Email ID:

(21)Facebook: NA


After his father won $21,000 on Jeopardy and received a workman’s compensation payout, the family emigrated to Australia so that the sons would be exempt from the Vietnam War draught. This occurred when the son was 12 years old. Gibson, while growing up in Australia, developed a number of undesirable traits during his formative years.

Mary, his sister, applied to Sydney’s famous National Institute of Dramatic Arts on his behalf. After being called to audition, Gibson accepted the role and left his work at an orange juice plant to pursue acting. He went on to become one of the most famous actors in the world.

But he kept drinking and fighting, and in 1979 he ended himself in the hospital with a fractured nose and jaw. A week later, with his face still puffy, he auditioned for Mad Max and got the part in part due of his disfigured appearance. Later on in his career, he played a wide variety of roles, from Hamlet to William Wallace in Braveheart (which he also directed) to the arrogant detective Martin Riggs in the Lethal Weapon films.


Mel Gibson info

Mel Gibson is well-known around the world for his work as an actor, director, Oscar winner, and, according to a People Magazine poll from 1996, The Sexiest Man Alive. In addition to the Golden Globe for Best Director of Braveheart, his other accolades include three prizes from the Australian Film Institute, two awards for Favorite Actor from Blockbuster Entertainment, and four awards from the People’s Choice Awards.

To his pals, he is a joker, a conservative thinker, a self-deprecating comic, and a devout Roman Catholic who is strongly against birth control and abortion. Since joining Alcoholics Anonymous in 1990, his fellow members have seen him as someone who struggles to keep his drinking under control and learns to take life one day at a time.

“My biggest flaw is that I’m excessive,” he admits. Thankfully, I’ve learned to control my enthusiasm and behaviour more effectively. Gibson does not agree with feminist ideology and is not a fan favourite among feminists. He thinks women are unequal rather than simply different. He believes in capital punishment as well as the freedom to bear arms. He lets them go into the woods with paintballs to “kill” each other. Once, when his son was only six years old, he boasted that his child was a “normal murdering machine.” To that end, he has described former president Bill Clinton as a “low-level opportunist.”

Gibson, on the softer side of things, enjoys opera and is a big fan of Beethoven. His colleagues and actors sing his praises as a dedicated team player who is invested in everyone’s success. Gibson earned an Oscar for directing Braveheart, and some years later, he directed another film that was near and dear to his heart: The Passion of the Christ. The film, which tells the account of the last days of Jesus’ life, has been the subject of great debate because Gibson, who directed but did not appear in it, has stated that the entire film will be in a foreign language without subtitles. However, it turned out to be a massive success, earning over US$370 million at the domestic box office.

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