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Jack Black is an American actor and producer who is best known for his comedic appearances in films such as “School of Rock,” “Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny,” and “Gulliver’s Travels.” Black’s career began in the late 1980s. In addition to that, he is well-known for his performances as a voice actor in the “Kung Fu Panda” series. He went to both ‘Culver City High School and the ‘Poseidon School’ throughout his time spent growing up in Culver City. When he was just 13 years old, he started acting in commercials. After that, he enrolled in the ‘Crossroads High School for Arts & Sciences in Santa Monica, which is when he first became aware of his natural acting ability.

After that, he went on to perform in movies and programs for television, including “Life Goes On,” “Northern Exposure,” “The Innocent,” “The X-Files,” “Mr Show,” and “Picket Fences.” His debut on the big screen world came in 1992 with the film “Bob Roberts.” It was in the film ‘High Fidelity’ that he was cast in the part that would prove to be his breakthrough. After then, he appeared in other prominent parts of films such as “Shallow Hal,” “Nacho Libre,” “Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny,” “Year One,” and “Gulliver’s Travels.” In addition to his work as an actor, he has provided the voices of several characters in animated films.

His performance in the movie ‘School of Rock garnered him several accolades from film critics. Black was given the “Best Voice” award for his work as the voice actor for the character “Eddie Riggs” in the video game “Brutal Legend.” Jack Black, who is also a musician, is the main vocalist for the band “Tenacious D,” which he co-founded with Kyle Gass. Black has been with the band since its inception. Thomas Jacob Black was born to Judith Cohen and Thomas William Black in Santa Monica, California, in the United States of America on August 28, 1969. Jack Black is their son. He inherited his Jewish heritage through his mother, while his German and Scotch-Irish lineage came from his father.

His background was quite conventional, and he attended Hebrew school throughout his education. Young Jack relocated to Culver City to live with his father after the divorce of his parents. Despite living in Culver City, Jack made regular trips to see his mother. In 1982, Black was given the opportunity to be in a commercial for a video game called “Pitfall!,” and he accepted the role. Both “Culver City High School” and “Poseidon School” were among his educational institutions of choice. Later on, he continued his education at Santa Monica’s ‘Crossroads High School for Arts and Sciences.’

Jack decided to pursue a degree in acting and enrolled in UCLA, where he met Tim Robbins, who invited him to join the acting group known as “The Actor’s Gang.” In 1992, Jack made his debut as an actor in the film “Bob Roberts,” which was directed by Tim. Tim was the director of both of these projects. Between the years 1993 and 1996, he had guest appearances on a number of different television shows, including “Life Goes On,” “Northern Exposure,” “The Innocent,” “The X-Files,” “Mr Show,” and “Picket Fences.”

After that, the actor appeared in a number of films, such as ‘Airborne,’ ‘Demolition Man,’ ‘Waterward,’ ‘The Fan,’ ‘The Cable Guy,’ ‘Mars Attacks!,’ ‘Dead Man Walking,’ ‘The Jackal,’ and ‘Enemy of the State,’ among others. He also performed supporting parts in several of these films. The performance that the actor gave in the film “High Fidelity” in the year 2000 brought him widespread recognition. Following the success of his turn in the film, he was cast in prominent parts in subsequent films such as “Shallow Hal,” “Nacho Libre,” “Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny,” “Year One,” and “Gulliver’s Travels.”

The multi-talented actor provided his voice for an episode of the iconic animated comedy series ‘The Simpsons’ that was titled “Husbands and Knives.” In 2009, he was a main cast member on the children’s program ‘Yo Gaba Gaba!,’ in which he sang songs such as ‘It’s Not Fun to Get Lost,’ ‘Friends,’ and ‘The Goodbye Song.’ In the dark comedy film “Bernie,” which was released in 2011, he played the part of “Bernie Tiede,” a man who is responsible for the death of a wealthy widow, who was played by Shirley MacLaine. Both the reviewers and the crowd applauded his performance in this part.

On the television show ‘The Office,’ he appeared in a guest appearance opposite Cloris Leachman and Jessica Alba. His previous guest appearances on television include a part in the episode of the adolescent comedy ‘iCarly’ titled ‘iStart a Fan War.’ The actor has had roles in the television programs Computerman,’ ‘Timebelt,’ and ‘Laserfart,’ all of which was created by Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab. He also had a role in the comedy “Awesome Town,” in which he played George Washington, a character who takes credit for the achievements of former presidents.

Both “Master Exploder” and “The Metal,” two of Black’s tracks, were in the movie “Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny,” which was directed by Liam Lynch. Tim Robbins and Dave Grohl both appeared in it in a cameo capacity. Along with a number of other famous people, he participated in the recording of a song in 2012 called “Book People Unite” for the Library of Congress and RIF. He contributed to the recording of a song for the band Dethklok’s fourth studio album, titled “The Doomstar Requiem,” and he even made a cameo in the music video for the tune.

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Fan Mail Address:

Jack Black
The Spanky Taylor Company
916 West Burbank Blvd.
Suite #206C
Burbank, CA 91506

Address Information:

The Spanky Taylor Company
916 West Burbank Blvd.
Suite #206C
Burbank, CA 91506

In the film “Goosebumps,” Jack Black portrayed a fictitious version of the author R. L. Stine. In 2015, he also provided the voices for two of Stine’s inventions, namely “Slappy the Dummy” and “The Invisible Boy.” In the 2018 sequel to the film, titled “Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween,” he performed the part once again. In the meanwhile, he appeared with Dwayne Johnson and Keven Hart in the 2017 film Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, in which he portrayed the role of “Professor Sheldon Oberon.” In the 2019 sequel to the film, titled “Jumanji: The Next Level,” he appeared once again in his role as “Professor Sheldon Oberon.”

The public and the reviewers were really thrilled with Jack’s performance in the movie “School of Rock,” and he received a lot of accolades for it. His character, “Dewey Finn,” a downtrodden singer and musician, masquerades as a music instructor in order to encourage his pupils to discover and develop their innate musical abilities. In addition to this, he was nominated for a Golden Globe in the category of “Best Actor – Musical or Comedy.” In addition to his work as an accomplished actor, Kyle Glass, who is also a musician, is the other co-founder of the rock band Tenacious D. Following the release of their first album, named “Tenacious D,” the team went on to create two additional albums, which were respectively titled “The Pick of Destiny” and “Rize of the Fenix.” A number of video games have used tracks from the first two albums in their soundtracks.

The skilled voice artist who provided the voice of “Eddie Riggs” in the video game “Brutal Legend” was recognized as having “Best Voice” at the “Spike Video Game Awards” in 2009 for his work. Black was honoured with a spot on “Hollywood’s Walk of Fame” on the 18th day of September 2018. In January 2006, Black made a marriage proposal to Tanya Haden, who is an accomplished cellist. Black and Tanya had been friends in high school and had reconnected at a party hosted by a mutual acquaintance after ten years had passed.

On March 14, 2006, the pair wed and exchanged their wedding vows in the state of California. Their names are Samuel Jason Black and Thomas David Black, and they have two boys. When this celebrity competed in the celebrity version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” he was awarded the sum of $125,000 in United States currency. Denis Leary and Jimmy Kimmel, both well-known figures in the world of comedy, made appearances in this episode, which was first broadcast in October 2001. On December 21, 2018, Black launched a gaming-focused YouTube channel under the name “Jablonski Games.”

Jack Black is a member of the “Frat Pack,” which is a group of comedians that commonly work together on a variety of projects. Other members of the “Frat Pack” include Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, and Steve Carell. It would seem that Will Ferrell is never too far behind Jack Black in whatever endeavour he undertakes. According to the annual list of the best performers that was published by Entertainment Weekly in 2003, Jack Black and Will Ferrell were tied for the title of favourite Hollywood class clown. Black was given this unfortunate honour.

The two had the audience in fits of laughter at the 2004 Academy Awards when they took turns singing the “get off the stage” song while sharing a microphone. In addition, it was revealed in April of 2004 that Black and Ferrell were going to play the lead roles in a forthcoming comedy about two motorcycle police officers working in Los Angeles. Because of the strong relationship between the two, many people often debate about which of the two is funnier: Black or Ferrell.


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(1)Full Name: Jack lack

(2)Born: 28 August 1969 (age 53 years)

(3)Father: Thomas William Black

(4)Mother: Judith Love Cohen

(5)Brother: Howard Black

(6)Spouse: Tanya Haden (m. 2006)

(7)Occupation: American actor

(8)Famous As: American actor

(9)Birth Sign: Virgo

(10)Nationality: American

(11)Height: 1.68 m

(12)Religion: Jewish

(13)School:  Crossroads School for Arts & Sci

(14)College/University:  University of California, Los Ange

(15)Educational Qualifications: yes

(16)Hometown: Santa Monica, California, United States

(17)Address: Santa Monica, California, United States

(18)Hobbies: NA

(19)Contact Number: (310) 907-5300

(20)Email ID: NA




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Will Ferrell was born on July 16, 1968, in Irvine, California. He is most well-known for the several characters he developed for the long-running television series Saturday Night Live (SNL). When he was in high school, he was in charge of making the daily announcements, and that’s when he first started doing impersonations. Ferrell received his degree in sports journalism from the University of Southern California, and after graduation, he spent some time working as a sports broadcaster. During this period, he was also doing stand-up comedy at various bars and coffeehouses in the area.

Ferrell started attending classes and seminars at the community college when he came to the conclusion that he was most interested in comedy. Soon after, he became a member of The Groundlings, a comic improv group located in Los Angeles. While he was still a member of The Groundlings, he was given the opportunity to try out for Saturday Night Live. Ferrell made his debut on Saturday Night Live in 1995 and remained a cast member there until 2002. During that time, he became well-known for his ability to create memorable characters, such as Craig the Spartan cheerleader, as well as for his uncanny impersonations of well-known figures, such as President George W. Bush (1946–).

The time that Will Ferrell spent working on Saturday Night Live was the beginning of his career in the film industry. A Night at the Roxbury (1998), Zoolander (2001), and Old School are some of the movies he’s been in. He is most known for playing the club-hopping Steve Butabi on Saturday Night Live (2003). In the film Elf, which was released in 2003, Will Ferrell made his debut as a leading man portraying the part of a six-foot-three-inch tall Christmas gnome who wore yellow tights. Elf’s unexpected success at the box office, which brought in a total of $150 million dollars, gave Ferrell a run for his money against Black’s record-setting haul.

Ferrell, like Black, seems to have his choice of roles as a direct consequence of this situation. He then starred in the film Anchorman (2004), which came after Elf, and he afterwards agreed to be in a movie directed by the legendary Woody Allen (1935–). In addition, he was selected to play the lead role in the film adaptation of the book A Confederacy of Dunces, which was written by the American novelist John Kennedy O’Toole (1937–1967). Jack Black was another candidate for the part that was under consideration.

Black racked up a number of additional movie credits in addition to participating in films that were directed by Robbins. He often took on the role of the eccentric best buddy, as he did in “The Cable Guy” (1996) and “Bongwater” (1998). In addition to that, Black has appeared in guest roles on a number of television programs, including Life Goes On, Northern Exposure, and The X-Files. It was clear that he was beginning to get some attention, particularly from the media, which often drew parallels between himself and the late comic John Belushi (1949–1982), who rose to prominence after appearing on the late-night comedy series Saturday Night Live.

On the surface, it was not hard to observe the similarities between the two. Black, who is five feet and seven inches tall and weighs close to two hundred pounds, is similarly stocky and short in stature like Belushi. In addition, he has the same squinty eyes, snarling grimace, and moving eyebrows as his predecessor. However, it was also obvious that Black was not a clone of Belushi; rather, he was an actor who brought a special gift to each of the parts that he played. This skill was brought to light when he starred in High Fidelity (2000), a film starring John Cusack that was adapted from a book written by famous English novelist Nick Hornby (1957–) and starring John Cusack (1966–).

Cusack, a longtime friend of Black’s dating back to their time together in Actors’ Gang, was the one who recommended Black for the role. The character of Barry, the annoying record shop employee who has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of all things vinyl, was performed by Jack Black in the film High Fidelity. Although John Cusack played the role of record store owner Rob Gordon in the film, Black was the film’s biggest attraction. Barry doesn’t put much effort into the real work. Instead, he and another employee take turns making fun of clients and testing each other’s knowledge of music trivia throughout the majority of their shifts.

The sequences that take place at the record shop serve as a showcase for Black’s razor-sharp acting talents; nevertheless, the true pleasure occurs towards the very end of the movie. After dropping a few hints about his desire to be a singer during the course of the film, Barry finally takes the stage and completely steals the audience by performing a timeless song by American R&B artist Marvin Gaye (1939–1984). Tenacious D is a rock and roll comedy band, and Black is the band’s main vocalist. They have produced two albums, a self-titled debut, and the follow-up, The Pick of Destiny, from which one of their songs, “The Metal,” was utilized in the music video games “Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock” and “Brutal Legend.” These games were developed by Harmonix and published by Activision.

The track “Rock Your Socks” from the album “Tenacious D” was featured in the music video game “Rock Band Unplugged.” Additionally, the track “Master Exploder” from “The Pick Of Destiny” was featured in the music videogames “Guitar Hero Van Halen” and “Rock Band 2,” along with the band’s song “Tribute” from the album “Tenacious D.” The songs “Master Exploder” and “The Metal” were performed by Tenacious D in the movie The Pick of Destiny.

Characters like Lee the superfan and Sasquatch appear many times throughout the movie, which was directed by Liam Lynch, a veteran member of the band Tenacious D. Tim Robbins, and Dave Grohl, in character as Satan, also make guest appearances. Ben Stiller appears in the music video for “Tribute” in two different capacities: first, as a worker at Guitar Center, and then again in another appearance in the video. On June 16, 2007, Tenacious D performed in San Diego, where they assisted the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation in its efforts to raise awareness and cash. It is possible to see a performance by Tenacious D in the movie “Bio-Dome” directed by Pauly Shore. In this scene, the band is seen playing their song “The Five Needs” during a party themed “Save the Environment.”


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Alongside Broadway legend Kristin Chenoweth and adolescent singer-actress Olivia Olson, Black appeared as a guest star on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show titled “Ellen the Musical.” In addition to performing on the program, he had a conversation with the presenter about his then-upcoming movie Nacho Libre. On the album “Probot” by Dave Grohl, Black contributed vocals to the hidden track “I Am The Warlock.” On the album “Fake Songs” by David Lynch, Black contributed vocals to the track “Rock and Roll Whore.” Black has also featured on the album “Probot” by Dave Grohl.

The last segment of High Fidelity included a performance by Black of a cover version of “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye. He contributed his musical talents to the song “Burn the Witch” by Queens of the Stone Age by performing rhythmic stomps and claps, some of which he did with his eyes closed. Additionally, he contributed vocals to the song “Sax Man” by The Lonely Island, which was included on their album Incredibad.

In addition, Black and Meat Loaf have collaborated on a track on the forthcoming CD Hang Cool Teddy Bear. The title of the song is “Like a Rose.” In the film Pick of Destiny, Meat Loaf also portrayed the role of Black’s biological father. In addition to Hugh Laurie and Kara Dioguardi, Brian May, Steve Vai, and Patti Russo are featured on the album Hang Cool Teddy Bear, which was produced by Rob Cavallo.

Black has appeared in the music videos of Beck for the song “Sexx Laws,” the Foo Fighters for the songs “Learn to Fly,” “Low,” and “The One,” The Eagles of Death Metal for the song “I Want You So Hard (Boy’s Bad News),” Sum 41 for the song “Things I Want,” Dio for the song “Push,” and Weezer for the song “Photograph.” Tenacious D made an appearance at Blizzcon in October of 2010, which is a conference held by Blizzard Entertainment, the developers of video games.

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