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Guy Pearce

Guy Edward Pearce was born on October 5, 1967, in Cambridgeshire, England, to Margaret Anne and Stuart Graham Pearce. He is the son of Margaret Anne and Stuart Graham Pearce. His father was born in Auckland, New Zealand, to an English mother and a Maori father. In 2002, he was voted #17 on E’s list of the sexiest men in entertainment.

In 2003, he was voted #20 on E’s list of the sexiest men in entertainment. He grew up in the regional Victorian town of Geelong, and he currently resides in the Australian capital of Melbourne. Refused to play the title part in the film Daredevil (2003). On the set of Factory Girl (2006), he developed fast friends with co-star Sienna Miller, with whom he later married. The pilot who perished in the disaster in 1976 was my father, who was a test pilot.

Has an elder sister who lives in the same house. Tracy, his elder sister, suffers from Cornelia de Lange syndrome, a hereditary condition that affects both the intellectual and physical development of the affected individual. When Batman Begins was being developed, he was considered for the role of Henri Ducard/Al Ra’s Ghul (2005).

However, he was deemed to be too young for the role, and Liam Neeson was cast in his place instead. His role in Prometheus (2012) required him to sit in a make-up chair for five hours, which was a difficult task. The make-up and prosthetics would then need to be removed, which would take an hour.

The Elephant Man is his all-time favorite film (1980). At the time of this writing, he has appeared in three films that have been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture: L.A. Confidential (1997), The Hurt Locker (2008), and The King’s Speech (2014). (2010). The latter two are the category’s top performers in this regard. (Saturday, March 19, 2016) He and his fiancée Carice van Houten have announced that they are expecting their first child together in August of this year.

Guy Pearce Contact Information

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Fan Mail Address:

Adam Shulman
Greene & Associates Talent Agency
1901 Avenue of the Stars
Suite 130
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Address Information:

United Talent Agency
(Talent Agency)
9336 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3604

Since 2015, he has been in a relationship with Carice van Houten. Monte Pearce, their son, is the couple’s only child (b. August 29, 2016). In addition, he has appeared in three films that have been designated as “culturally, historically, or artistically” significant by the Library of Congress, including L.A.

All of which were nominated for Academy Awards (2008). He is a staunch supporter of animal rights and environmental causes, among other things. Carice Van Houten, a Dutch actress, is now in a relationship with him. They met on the set of the film Brimstone (2016) in 2015, and they welcomed their first child together, son Monte, on August 29, 2016.

At 4:15 p.m., I was born You come across these individuals who exude self-assurance all of the time. Often ponder whether it’s because I’m envious or because they’re shallow, and I’m not sure which is the case. For those of you who are interested in the specifics, I’m an Englishman and Russell is a New Zealander.

When asked about the studio’s hesitation to recruit “two Australians” for roles in the American period piece L.A. Confidential (1997), he replied, “I don’t know.” I always consider films to be true stories about real people in real situations, and that is how I approach them. That’s why I have a hard time with the whole notion of labeling someone as a “good person” or a “bad guy,” because I believe that we all have the ability to do good things as well as to do bad things.

Although I’m sure a lot of people will hate me for saying this, musicals music is one of my least favorite kinds of music, or rather, the type of music that I feel I’ve completely exhausted my ability to tolerate. I enjoy spending time at home in Melbourne, reading scripts, tending the gardening, and chasing after my wife around the house. I’m not interested in becoming a celebrity. It was enjoyable to use the small amount of marijuana that I’d previously possessed.

The problem is that, once you understand you’ve gotten yourself into it, you realize you don’t genuinely want to be in it anymore. I don’t act as if I’m some sort of super confident creature. I don’t want to be the type of guy that does that. It is possible for leading guys to tell producers, “I do what I do.” ‘Do you want me to be in your film or not?.

I still consider acting to be the process of becoming a character. 2007, in reference to his music] I don’t want to compose music only for the sake of reaching the top of the pop charts and making a living off of it. I simply wish to collaborate on musical projects with other people. I do it on occasion by recording it.

I believe there is value in documenting it in the same manner that you could write a diary entry about it. Writing a diary does not imply that you intend to have it published at any point. In the event that this is my diary, I’m not sure I want anyone else to read it. And, in any case, I believe that someone who is overly ambitious is automatically despised. People believe that you are gifted as an actor and that you are not experiencing any difficulties in y Guy prefers to keep his personal life as secret as possible. He currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.


Guy Pearce pic

(1)Full Guy Pearce: Guy Pearce

(2)Born: 5 October 1967

(3)Father: Stuart Pearce

(4)Mother: Anne Cocking

(5)Brother: Not Available

(6)Spouse: Carice van Houten

(7)Occupation: Actor

(8)Famous As : Actor

(9)Birth Sign: Libra

(10)Nationality: American

(11)Height: Not Available

(12)Religion: Not Available


(a) Not Available


(a)Geelong College

(15)Educational Qualifications:

(a) Not Available

(16)Hometown:  Ely, United Kingdom

(17)Address:  Ely, United Kingdom

(18)Hobbies: Not Available

(19)Contact Number: Not Available

(20)Email ID: Not Available

(21)Facebook: Not Available



Guy Pearce picture

The majority of American movies are about some man who is kind of living on the edge and rescues the world while also having a girl and doing gun stuff (or something like that). In addition, it is full of all of those ridiculous one-liners that signify absolutely nothing. I’m looking for something far more substantial.

Have you watched the movie Face/Off? I don’t want to make fun of other people’s work, but I thought this was fucking stupid. Chase scenes that are boring, and trained shooters who miss their targets.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert] People have inquired as to what it was like to play a lady, but I do not believe I was genuinely portraying a woman. The role I was portraying was that of an over-the-top queen who enjoys dressing up in drag and who also has his own fears and issues with women.


Guy Pearce photo

To my Ag, I’m constantly repeating: In other words, you spend your entire life coping with your insecurities, your paranoias, and your worries, and when you go out in public, people yell and do crazy things and say insane things, such as sex symbol,’ you think to yourself, “That’s not me they’re talking about.” Girls have approached me and asked me to sign their breasts. I guess it made them feel a little more connected to me in some way. It definitely made me feel a little more connected to them, to be honest.

Adam is already a chauvinist little brat, so I didn’t want to play someone who was out and proudly a woman. He is less forthcoming about his sexual orientation than I, Guy, could be. When it comes to playing other characters, it’s common to look to your feminine side for inspiration on what you would want to portray.

However, this is not a realistic depiction of a female character because it is an exaggerated, colored, and vibrant depiction of a female character. It was a tremendously freeing experience for me to go through this process. A lot of this had to do with Stephan Elliott’s personality, which allowed him to utterly disregard the rules of engagement.

I believe that what he intended to accomplish was to bring with him and with us this openness, this entire living experience, rather than simply stating, ‘This is the film crew, you are the actors, and we are now filming,’ was his intention. That was certainly not the case. Several pieces of Stephan’s direction were very remarkable. He would stop the camera, tell us that we were terrible, and then insist that we ham it up even more. It was necessary for us to adopt an entirely different way of thinking. However, once we were on the merry-go-round, it was fantastic.

As an actor, you are continuously attempting to distance yourself from yourself, which is the same as attempting to discover your own identity. This thing that you’re locked in gives you the opportunity to depart and do things that you would otherwise be arrested for. [on dressing up in drag for the 1994 film.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert You sit in front of the mirror for two hours in the morning when they are putting on your makeup and you say to yourself, ‘This is the feminine version of myself.’ It’s quite complicated because you can see yourself, but it’s a feminine representation. My mum is very visible to me.

I didn’t feel like a lady in the traditional sense, but coming in touch with my feminine side was a major focus of the course. What an incredible experience, it was absolutely excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. However, I’m not sure if I have a good appearance. If I saw myself strolling down the street looking like that, I don’t believe I’d be very pleased with myself. I would most likely glance twice because I appeared to be more out of place than anything else. [2001, regarding the process of identifying roles.

There are so many films available that if you are unable to discover something that interests you, there must be something wrong with you. A certain type of goal that certain performers have is to get themselves into a No. 1 position, where they believe they will be offered everything, to give you an example. I’m content to simply float around in the background, stumbling into things that catch my eye.

It’s not necessarily about making a professional choice; rather, it’s about finding things that interest me. I’m quite content to continue doing small independent films for the rest of my life. I enjoy making interesting and odd films because it gives me a great deal of pleasure, and I feel much more confident in that type of environment.

I had a lot of people tell me when I finished L.A. Confidential (1997) that I was now an “A-list” American actor, which I thought was great. Your response is: ‘No, Tom Cruise, who earns $20 million each movie, is an A-list American actor, and I am one of the six gazillion stars who people have seen in one movie and who they have a vague fondness for.’ In 2000, while residing in Melbourne] I’m considerably happy spending more time at home.

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