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St. Louis Cardinals Contact Address, Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Fanmail Address, Email ID, Website

How to contact St. Louis Cardinals? St. Louis Cardinals Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address


St. Louis Cardinals

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The St. Louis Cardinals are a National League baseball team that was founded in 1882. (NL). St. Louis, Missouri’s Cardinals have 23 league championships and 11 World Series crowns. St. Louis is the oldest major league team west of the Mississippi River and one of baseball’s most continuously successful franchises, second only to the New York Yankees in World Series championships.

The American Association (AA) franchise, first known as the Brown Stockings and later as the Browns, enjoyed nearly immediate success, capturing four straight league championships between 1885 and 1888. After moving to the National League in 1892, the team battled mightily for the first seven years there, finishing dead last or in second place in five of those years. After one season under the moniker “Perfectos,” the team changed its name to the Cardinals in 1900. Although the Cardinals’ play was dismal for the first two decades of the 20th century, the addition of future Hall of Fame infielder Rogers Hornsby in 1915 spurred a turnaround.

For the first time in 38 years, the Cardinals won the pennant in 1926 because of Hornsby’s leadership, and they went on to win the World Series, beating the New York Yankees in seven games. Frankie Frisch, another great infield, helped lead the Cardinals to three World Series berths and a championship in the span between 1928 and 1931. In 1934, the Cardinals won the World Series thanks to the pitching of future Hall of Famer Dizzy Dean and the team’s rough-and-tumble style, which gave it the nickname “the Gashouse Gang.”

Stan Musial became a member of the team in 1941. At the end of his 22-year career with the Cardinals, Musial was widely regarded as the franchise’s greatest player. With the exception of 1941, the Cardinals teams of the 1940s finished either first or second in the NL standings. From 1942 to 1946, the team made four trips to the World Series, winning three of them. The 1946 World Series is best remembered for the “Mad Dash,” when outfielder Enos Slaughter broke a tie in the eighth inning of Game 7 against the Boston Red Sox by racing home from first on a line drive over the shortstop’s head.


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The 1960s marked another revival for the Cardinals after a period of relative decline during the 1950s. The Cardinals went to three seven-game World Series in the 1960s, winning two of them, against the Yankees in 1964 and the Red Sox in 1967, thanks in large part to the pitching of Bob Gibson and the speed of Lou Brock. In 1964, the Cardinals won the World Series, marking the end of the Yankees’ incredible mid-century dynasty, during which they had won 14 of 16 titles. Busch Memorial Stadium became the team’s home in 1966 and remained so until 2005.

In 2006, games were moved to a new ballpark also named Busch Stadium. After the Cardinals dealt outfielder Curt Flood in 1970, Flood challenged the club’s right to sell him without his consent by suing Major League Baseball, which eventually led to the introduction of free agency in baseball. Ozzie Smith, an excellent defensive shortstop, joined the team in 1982 and contributed to their World Series victory that same season. In the 1980s, Smith led the Cardinals to two more World Series appearances, both of which ended in defeat.

The Cardinals hired Tony La Russa in 1996, and he quickly became their most successful manager. St. Louis signed slugger Mark McGwire the next year, and his quest for the single-season home run record in 1998 made him a hero to the locals. After signing superstar slugger Albert Pujols in 2001, the team returned to the World Series in 2004 — only to be swept by the red-hot Red Sox. In 2006, despite having baseball’s worst regular-season winning percentage, an underdog Cardinals team recorded an 83-79 record and won the World Series by sweeping the Detroit Tigers.

The Cardinals had only made the playoffs once between 2007 and 2010, in 2009, when they were eliminated in the Division Series. However, in 2011, after being 8 1/2 games behind the Atlanta Braves in the Wild Card standings with a month left in the season, St. Louis staged a remarkable comeback to advance to the playoffs. After that, the Cardinals went on to the World Series by beating the Philadelphia Phillies and the Milwaukee Brewers. There, St. Louis prevailed over the Texas Rangers in a thrilling seven-game series that featured an 11-inning game six in which the Cardinals were twice within one strike of losing the World Series before scoring timely hits to extend and ultimately win the game.

The Cardinals made it back to the World Series in 2013 after losing a seven-game NLCS to the eventual champion San Francisco Giants in 2012, but this time they were swept by the Red Sox. Success for the squad continued in 2014, as they won their division again and reached the National League Championship Series. When the Cardinals made the playoffs for the fifth straight year in 2015, it was a team record. However, the 2016 season was the first time in franchise history that they did not make the postseason.

The Cardinals went on to have a string of winning seasons that ultimately didn’t get them into the postseason until 2019 when they won their division and got to the National League Championship Series, where they were swept by the Washington Nationals. In 2020 and 2021, the Cardinals made the playoffs, but both times they were eliminated in the Wild Card stage.


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After the NL and the AL ended their war in 1903, the World Series got underway. Boston (AL) won the best-of-nine series against Pittsburgh (NL) with a score of five games to three. With an audience of just over 100,000, the contestants took home a little over $1,000 each. While the New York Giants declined to play the Boston Red Sox, the series resumed the next year and continued annually until 1994, when a lengthy players’ strike forced its discontinuation.

Since 1922, tournaments have typically consisted of seven games. One baseball player has been awarded the prestigious title of Most Valuable Player in each World Series since 1955. In 1969 and 1977, the first Canadian cities to have MLB franchises were Montreal and Toronto. In 1992, Toronto became the first non-American city to win the World Series. The AL’s New York Yankees have won the most championships.

Several less significant baseball championships have been given the World Series moniker. These include the Junior World Series, contested annually between the champions of the International League and the American Association (both American professional minor leagues), and the Little League World Series, contested annually between teams comprised of boys and girls aged 9–18 from all over the world.

Baseball is known as “America’s game” in large part due to patriotic feelings. Americans wanted a national sport so they could feel more apart from other cultures. A sporting publication argued as early as 1857 that Americans needed their own “game that may be labelled a ‘Native American Sport,'” similar to the English’s cricket and the Germans’ turnvereins.


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In 1907, a special commission appointed by A.G. Spalding, a sporting goods magnate who had previously been a star pitcher and executive with a baseball team, reported that baseball owed absolutely nothing to England and the children’s game of rounders. This was a powerful confirmation of baseball as the sport to fill that need. Instead, the committee asserted that Abner Doubleday invented baseball in 1839 in Cooperstown, New York, based on its own study and skewed reasoning. This false history persisted for a long time.

The shared experience of playing, watching, and discussing baseball games became a unifying force in a country with many different ethnic and religious groups and no monarchy, nobility, or rich and mythical history. For a people “who a large continent separates [and] whom no tradition regulates,” as British author Virginia Woolf so astutely put it, it was “a center, a meeting place for the numerous activities of these people.” The “hit and run,” “double play,” and “sacrifice bunt” were all executed in the same manner worldwide.

In the midst of the Great Depression of the 1930s, a group of Cooperstown businesspeople and officials from the major leagues built the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, a testament to the uniting force of baseball in the United States. Millions of fans have undertaken “pilgrimages” to Cooperstown, New York, since the Hall of Fame was established, to view the “relics” of bygone stars, such as vintage bats, balls, and uniforms.

The game of baseball also had an impact on the national holiday schedule. The fixed clock time of the office or factory replaced the rich associations people had with the hours of daylight, the seasons, and the traditional church calendar as industrialization spread. Still, for Americans, springtime represented the start of baseball training, summertime meant the season itself, and fall time meant the World Series. Baseball enthusiasts would get together in the winter for “hot stove leagues,” where they would discuss the upcoming season, discuss past games and players, and share predictions.

Inaugurated in 1903 as a postseason play-off between the American and National League winners, the World Series immediately rose to prominence as one of the most celebrated events of the year, right up there with the Fourth of July and the holiday season. For Everybody’s Magazine in 1911, the series represented “the ultimate quintessence and completion of the Most Perfect Thing in America.” Every autumn, it sucked in the entire country.

St. Louis Cardinals Fan Mail address:

St. Louis Cardinals
Busch Stadium
700 Clark Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63102-1727

1. PHONE NUMBER: (314) 345-9600

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