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SSSniperWolf, originally from the United States but now based in the United Kingdom, is a prolific YouTube video maker with a large fan base. You may find a lot of reaction videos, cartoons, and cosplays of characters from different games on SSSniper Wolf’s channel. Call of Duty gameplay videos provides the bulk of the channel’s content. To date, she has amassed a total of over 32 million followers across all of her many social media outlets.

SSSniper Wolf’s birthdate, October 22, 1992, in the United Kingdom, is public knowledge. His birth is documented there on that date. As of right now, she’s 29 years old. She was born in England and has British citizenship as well as your Greek and Turkish ancestry. Again, there is a similar fact about her. Alia Marie “Lia” Shelesh, better known by her stage name SSSniper Wolf. The full form of her given name is Alia Marie “Lia” Shelesh. Her given name, however, is Alia Marie Shelesh, or “Lia” for short.

Similarly, she entered the world as a member of a staunchly conservative English family. All sides of her are filled with loving, supportive relatives. As a result of what happened, she and her family decided to move to the United States. It’s interesting to learn that she came to the United States when she was only six years old, which is part of his early life.

Indeed, this was the situation. Lia’s parents made a long-term investment in her by buying her a Play Station during her childhood, and she has never looked back. She chose the name SSSniperWolf in honor of Sniper Wolf, a pivotal character in the Metal Gear Solid series. She got her name from Sniper Wolf. Next, there isn’t a ton of knowledge out there about her family, but she does have a brother and a sister who is also a YouTubers. Her two brothers also have channels there. She also benefits from having a sibling who can sing.

To this day, we still don’t know her parents’ full names or even their surnames. Equally mysterious is the fact that she holds an academic credential from an unknown university or college. She’s got some kind of degree from a university. When she was just six years old, she discovered the joys of video gaming. SSSniperWolf is a playable character in Metal Gear Solid. In a similar vein, she first got the idea for her YouTube channel in 2013, and since then it’s attracted millions of viewers and over 8 billion views. It was once a gaming channel, and Call of Duty was a staple of her content. Despite this, in 2017, in addition to the gaming videos she had been uploading in the prior years, she began posting response videos and how-to videos related to gaming.

Similarly, in July of 2020, Lia broke another record by becoming the English language content channel with the most female subscribers. After that, she started her second YouTube channel, titled Little Lia Wolf. Everything related to arts and crafts, including tutorials for DIY projects and discussions on a wide range of related topics, may be found on this channel. She has also established herself as a social media celebrity, amassing a sizable following on Instagram thanks to her frequent postings of photos of herself in anime cosplay attire, as well as other content on fashion and lifestyle-related issues. Having this resource is helpful for her as she maintains her online profile. She also has experience working for other major companies in the field such as Disney, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and others.


SSSniperWolf pic

For all of her life, Lia has been the focus of much speculation and gossip. There are several obstacles that must be conquered on the path to become a famous gamer or, even better, a YouTuber. In terms of the former, this is of paramount importance. She puts Engimahood under arrest after she announces that Engimahood is a “convicted sex offender” in 2013. The counterargument, if you will. In the years that follow, the court decides that there wasn’t enough evidence to continue looking into the case. While conducting a robbery at the same site in 2013, she was caught not once, but twice after she hit a security guard. The next year, 2016, she was arrested for resisting police, leading to charges of disorderly conduct. Similar to the preceding illustration, costs become significant after a certain elapsed time period.

One of the most popular users on YouTube, SSSniper, makes a decent living off of his videos in a manner not dissimilar to that. The impression we get from her is that her life is incredibly great and full. In contrast, Lia has been mum about her salary and wealth. Until she challenges people’s assumptions and stands up for herself, her financial situation will remain a mystery as well. It has been estimated that her current wealth is close to $6 million.

Given her 2019 accomplishments, she is currently being considered for a nomination for the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award in the category of Favorite Gamer. This is due to everything she has accomplished this year. There has been widespread resistance to the nomination from several groups. Just as many people started to doubt her authenticity as a gamer when she began publishing less gaming-related stuff, so too did she lose some of her fanbases. Her standing as a player was damaged as a result of this. Next, Lia emerged victorious and was given the prize for her efforts. She wanted to go into the medical sector very badly.

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Fan Mail Address:


Liverpool, United Kingdom

Address Information:


Liverpool, United Kingdom


SSSniperWolf picture

SSSniperwolf, a YouTube star, is often photographed performing in front of the camera, suggesting that she may soon give acting a try. She is up for a part in the upcoming 2021 season of Escape the Night on NBC. Because of her prominence in the gaming community, most assume that SSSniperwolf never leaves her house and instead spends her time in front of a screen. Unfortunately, this is a typical blunder. However, this is not entirely accurate. She tries to spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors because she loves being there and doing things like swimming and hiking.

There’s little doubt that the vast majority of people don’t know that SSSniperwolf’s name actually has an extra SS at the beginning of it. There is more to the letters than meets the eye; even SSSniperwolf has conceded as much. Her pseudonym is an abbreviation for the word “Sexysexy,” which is a perfect summary of who she is. She originally uploaded videos on YouTube under the username “SexySexySniper” for a long time.

As much as SSSniperwolf loves video games, she loves being able to show off her personal style through the clothes and accessories she wears even more. She told Vogue that she would be working in the fashion sector if she didn’t spend so much time playing video games. This was said in the context of her current job. When a show like Fear Factor can make you nervous just by watching it at home, imagine how much more nerve-wracking it must be to actually be a contestant on the show. SSSniperwolf has first-hand experience with the current problem because he was a guest on the show in 2018.

Since he was a little child, SSSniperwolf has had a passion for video games. He’s always been enthusiastic about this, but his interest has really blossomed through the years. Her dad decided to buy a Playstation for the family so that they might have something to occupy SSSniperWolf’s time while they worked out their differences peacefully. A lot of SSSniperwold’s and her brother’s free time was devoted to the popular activity afforded by their new video game console. Everyone with a creative streak has that one person they’ve always wanted to work with, but SSSniperwolf’s dream partner isn’t even a gamer. Everyone in the creative field has at least one dream collaborator. Everyone who considers themselves creative has at least one other artist with whom they would love to work. In a recent Q&A with celebrities that share a birthdate with them, SSSniperwolf expressed interest in working with Keanu Reeves.

While most of SSSniperwolf’s subscribers will be aware of her gaming channel, there is a small chance that a few won’t know that she also runs a general entertainment channel. Her other, nonexistent, and the completely unrelated channel is called Little Lia. Instead, it features content like product reviews and hauls of clothing, DIY projects, and beauty routines. Her auxiliary channel, titled “Little Lia,” has 3 million subscribers despite having barely a fifth of her main channel’s viewership.

YouTube star Alia Shelesh is known to her fans as SSSniperWolf, her channel’s user name. Her career on the site began in 2013 when she posted Let’s Plays of games including “Overwatch,” “Call of Duty,” and “Metal Gear Solid.” She has almost 31 million subscribers even though she shifted her focus solely to reaction videos in 2017. This puts her in an extremely advantageous position. Even the most committed followers of SSSniperWolf may overlook some facts of her history, despite the fact that she is extremely open about many aspects of her life, such as the fact that she has a second YouTube channel called Little Lia that concentrates on Do It Yourself projects. Take SSSniperWolf, who uploads videos under the name Little Lia on the video-sharing website YouTube.

(1)Full SSSniperWolf:

(2)Born: 22 October 1992

(3)Father: Not Available

(4)Mother: Not Available

(5)Brother: Not Available

(6)Spouse: Not Available

(7)Occupation: YouTuber

(8)Famous As: YouTuber

(9)Birth Sign: Libra

(10)Nationality: Not Available

(11)Height: 5 Feet 3 Inches

(12)Religion: Not Available

(13)School: Not Available

(14)College/University: Not Available

(15)Educational Qualifications: Not Available

(16)Hometown: Mumbai, India

(17)Address:  Liverpool, United Kingdom

(18)Hobbies: Not Available

(19)Contact Number: +1(323)546-4551

(20)Email ID:



Something may have occurred so long ago that it has been forgotten, or a particular occurrence may not be spoken frequently enough to warrant mentioning. Both of those things may happen. It’s also possible that SSSniperWolf is too ashamed to bring up the subject. Her parents bought her first gaming system when she was only eight years old. Not because of any special occasion, but because her father desperately needed SSSniperWolf and her brother to stop bickering and get her a PlayStation 1. The console fulfilled the hope of their father that they would stop fighting with one another. Sorta.


SSSniperWolf photo

As a result, SSSniperWolf and her sibling shifted their battle to focus on the control panel. They were able to achieve success more frequently because of this. While his siblings played PlayStation 1 games, SSSniperWolf was always designated as Player 1 and given exclusive use of the factory-installed Sony controllers. During their entire youth, however, her brother was consigned to the role of Player 2, and he was forced to make do with his own set of controls that had to be acquired separately. The finding of a console was not the first time SSSniperWolf’s righteous anger had paid off. Actually, this was the second occasion.


SSSniperWolf contact

In addition to this incident, something other happened while SSSniperWolf was a student at his school, and this one could have been far worse. After being called “ugly” and “poor” by a classmate, she threatened to physically assault the individual. By implying that she was both ugly and poor, he had humiliated her. Due to the fact that the other student did not get in trouble, SSSniperWolf found himself in a more precarious position than his counterpart. Her mom let her rest the next day at home and even brought her shopping for a PlayStation 2 to help her get better faster.

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