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Seattle Kraken Contact Address, Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Fanmail Address, Email ID, Website

How to contact Seattle Kraken? Seattle Kraken Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address


Seattle Kraken

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On Tuesday night, the NHL’s newest club, the Seattle Kraken, will play their first regular season game against the Vegas Golden Knights. The Golden Knights are also a new franchise in the NHL, and the Kraken hopes to follow in their footsteps. In its first year of existence (2017–18), Vegas took it all the way to the Stanley Cup finals. A Post-it note with the words “Release the Kraken” scrawled in pen was attached to the door.

“That may have been the first time I heard or thought of ‘Kraken,'” the team’s v.p. of marketing, Heidi Dettmer, said. “However, it has served as a rallying call for supporters all along. It was all we could hear. It was the topic that kept resurfacing.” Fans have been preoccupied with the team’s branding since the NHL awarded Seattle an expansion franchise in 2018, despite the fact that the team won’t begin to play until the 2021-22 season. Seattle has been able to take its time and be thorough, but the procedure has also had to be covert.

The content that was printed was carefully curated. And in paranoid fashion, we drew the curtains for these conferences “Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy, who also owns a stake in the team, made that statement.

According to Jassy, the group considered over 1,200 names and conducted “serious exploration” on over 100 of them. The five candidates were selected, and their names, along with Nirvana CDs, a Twinkie, and one share of Amazon, were sealed in an envelope and placed in a time capsule in Seattle’s Space Needle, to be unveiled on the landmark’s centennial anniversary in 2062.

Right now, we’re going to give you a sneak view into the procedure that led to the unveiling of the Seattle Kraken and its distinctive color scheme of ocean and ice blues with “red alert” accents. Seattle explored using the name Metropolitans, which was used by the city’s initial professional hockey team when it won the Stanley Cup in 1917. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman was adamant about keeping the Metropolitan Division intact, even with the addition of a new team.


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The league management “indicated reticence on that one for the reason mentioned,” Jassy said.  When we asked for their opinion when Kraken was the most popular name on our list, they gave it their enthusiastic approval.” The team’s president, Tod Leiweke, is committed to operating a fan-driven franchise: “The fans are going to be involved in every decision,” he told ESPN in 2019. In response, the organization developed an interactive platform in May 2019 where anybody may give suggestions. Once in a while, the team’s leaders would gather a small group of fans together to present some markups and solicit feedback.

Dettmer said the group kept an eye on the Seattle Times reader poll that received 146,144+ responses. The Seattle Times poll ultimately decided between Sockeyes and Totems, but Kraken still performed admirably. Twitter stalking is the most interesting because of how novel it is. Seattle NHL has likely seen your thoughts on the team’s name if you’ve shared them on their site in the past two years.

Dettmer explained that they “followed what was happening on social media, including how often prospective names were mentioned, the attitude, and reactions.” “That is standard procedure. That information would be updated weekly.” Among the team’s owners is film producer Jerry Bruckheimer, thus it’s possible that he offered the name Kraken. Bruckheimer has already utilized the legendary sea monster in his Pirates of the Caribbean film series. Adherents quickly took notice. The Seattle Marketing Advisory Board agreed. The majority of the group had decided by Christmas of 2019.

Because “nearly all sports franchises end with an’s,'” Jassy remarked, “it’s a really unique and odd name in sports.” “There are many obvious ties to Seattle, both in terms of our nautical history and the abundance of water in the area, but the folklore surrounding the existence of a mysterious Kraken creature lying below the surface of the sea has long fascinated residents of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. We intend our NHL squad to play with the same aura of mystery, passion, and force that the Kraken has long been associated with.”

Ron Francis, GM of the team, was in the group tasked with developing the brand. As Dettmer puts it, “His opinion held a ton of weight in this process from a hockey standpoint.” St. Francis provided a single maxim: “The players should feel tremendous pride while wearing this sweater. It should be instantly recognizable. It should have high ideals.”

Adidas, the official uniform partner of the NHL, is another major contributor. Nic Corbett, Adidas’s NHL director, and Matty Merrill, the brand’s design director, recalled meeting with Bruckheimer at his Los Angeles office around 18 months ago to make their case for being included in negotiations.

A lot of people think that because of our relationship with the NHL, we have an obligation or a right to be involved when chances like Seattle come around,” Corbett said. To get what we wanted, though, we had to demand it and battle for it. Bruckheimer solicited Adidas’ help by having the corporation participate, and Adidas had significant input into the design of the emblem and the selection of its colors. For the most part, it was simple to complete the wide strokes.


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Jassy explained that the team’s decision to choose a different color scheme from the other local professional clubs was based on a desire to stand apart. “The final product struck a nice balance between being relevant to our culture and being true to hockey. Simply put, we found it to be quite appealing to the eye.” There are already 31 NHL clubs, and 16 of them use blue in their logos. Seattle wanted a way to stand apart.

Merrill explained that despite its many nicknames—”baby blue,” “Columbia blue,” and “powdery blue”—the true color is “very vivid,” “nearly a neon blue,” like the ice caps on the Olympics and the white caps on the Puget Sound. “Then the navy is practically black in color.  There is not a single speck of white anywhere in the entire [home] uniform; instead, it is comprised of a variety of complementing blues. This is how their brand will be presented: with these two shades of blue and absolutely no white or sign of capitulation.” Merrill was quite concerned about the logo turning the Kraken into a stereotype.

We had to rule out the possibility that it was a cartoon or something similarly ridiculous, as Merrill put it.  Playing about in the ocean is a surefire way to perish. We understood we had to aim for that level of gravity.”


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Seattle National Hockey League registered five domain names (KrakenHockey.com, SockeyesHockey.com, EvergreenHockey.com, RenegadesHockey.com, and SeattleRenegades.com) and three trademarks (Kraken, Sockeyes, and Breakers). In addition to consulting with a London firm to divert attention and a company in Hawaii to complete some necessary registration, the team worked with several other companies to accomplish their goals. Many an official logo or uniform reveal has been ruined by leaks that occurred during production. Seattle was concerned that the markups would be discovered at a manufacturing facility or distribution center if given to vendors too soon. Because of this, it will take some time before fans can get their hands on official items and jerseys.

To help support local charities like YouthCare, Community Passageways, and the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle, the team has set up a website where “Release the Kraken” t-shirts may be purchased online. The group claims that they want to assist put an end to youth homelessness and open doors of opportunity for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) youth in the area.

As Leiweke put it at a conference, “there’s nothing more frightening than the theater and the mystery of the mind.” Merrill’s mind started working, and she recalled the Alfred Hitchcock films in which the killer is never seen but is always around.

There is a nod to the original uniforms of the Seattle Metropolitans, which featured the letter “S” as the primary mark. Merrill cautioned, “that negative-space octopus is hiding there, wrapped around your legs, ready to pull you down while you’re seeing the S, and thinking about the Metropolitans, and thinking about the colors. Then, majority owner David Bonderman had an epiphany.

According to Merrill, Bonderman told him, “You should put the eye right there,” indicating the S’s peak. “To be honest, I was expecting the worst. And yet, we put it to the test, and it seems to work quite well.” Because of the abundance of blue NHL clubs and Seattle sports teams, the designers knew they needed to add red to the color scheme of the Kraken uniforms. We wanted to have some kind of symbol for the Kraken,” Merrill explained. “The color red is the universal symbol of danger and peril. All along, it served as the ideal supplementary accent.”

Seattle Kraken Fan Mail address:

Seattle Kraken
Climate Pledge Arena
334 1st Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

1. PHONE NUMBER: (206) 279-7770

Many phone numbers are leaked on google and the internet in the team’s name, but upon checking, we found that none of that numbers work. However, when we see the exact number, we will update it here.

2. FACEBOOK: https://en-gb.facebook.com/seattlekrakenmemes/

Their Facebook ID also has been provided above. It is reviewed, and we confirm it is a 100% real team profile. You can follow them on their Facebook profile, and you can follow the link above.

3. TWITTER: https://twitter.com/SeattleKraken

We’ve provided their Twitter handle above and tested and authenticated the Twitter ID. If you’d like to follow them on Twitter, you must use the link described above.

4. INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/seattlekraken/?hl=en

We have written their Instagram Profile username above, and the given username or Id is accurate and confirmed by Instagram and us. If you’d like to support them or want to follow them, you can also use the account name mentioned above.

5. YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/seattlekraken

This is a YouTube channel under which they updated their video clips. Anyone who wants to see their uploads and videos can use the username link above.

6. EMAIL ID: info@nhlseattle.com

Here you will find the Email id of the team – Sorry! We couldn’t find her Email id.

7. WEBSITE: https://climatepledgearena.com/

Here you will find the Official Website of the team – Sorry! We couldn’t find her website.

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