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Joseph Gilgun

On March 9, 1984, Judith and Andrew Gilgun welcomed their son, Joseph. He spent his formative years in Rivington, England, alongside his two younger sisters, Jennie and Rosie. He came from a family of metalworkers, and his dad had a job in the industry. Gilgun went to elementary school in Rivington, Virginia, where a teacher noticed that he had problems reading and would sometimes write backward. As a result of testing, it was determined that Gilgun has both dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. An educational psychologist recommended theatrical classes as part of his treatment. Gilgun, starting at age eight, has been actively participating in theater workshops. He made his debut on “Coronation Street” when he was just 10 years old.

When Gilgun was 11 years old, his parents split up and his dad lost his job. Troubled and prone to outbursts, his adolescence was difficult, to say the least. His situation had gotten so bad by the time he was 17 that he needed help from an expert. Gilgun attended Runshaw College to study fashion design after completing high school. His current state of mind is that of “a car thief on a fashion course,” as he puts it. He quit school because he felt like an outcast there.


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When he got the call to try out for “This is England,” he was working as a plasterer. He tried out for the part while dressed for work. English actor Joe Gilgun is known for his brusque performances. At the age of eight, Gilgun began performing, although he never gave acting a second thought. Parents were advised to introduce acting into Gilgun’s life as a form of therapy. Almost immediately after his talent was recognized, he was offered a job on the British soap opera Coronation Street. When Gilgun was a teenager, he decided to take a break from acting, but he soon found that nothing else provided him with the same satisfaction.

Some of the most complex and multifaceted characters in film history have been portrayed by him. Each of his characters, from Woody in “This Is England” to Rudy in “Misfits,” contains some of his own personality. Brassic, his most recent book, is partially autobiographical. Joe Gilgun seems unfazed by his newfound stardom. He rejects social media, claiming to be an actor and not a star. His demeanor is generally believed to be warm and approachable. There is no doubt in Gilgun’s mind that he suffers from bipolar disorder and depression; he does not try to hide it. He’s been very open about his condition and treatment methods in interviews and public appearances.

It was at the age of 10 that Joe Gilgun began his professional acting career when he was cast as Jamie Armstrong on the British soap opera Coronation Street. The protagonist had several facets and layers. From 1994 to 1997, he did a great job in this position. Although he took a break from acting throughout his teenage years, he did appear in a few theater productions like “Hanky Park the Musical” and “Borstal Boy.”

He returned to the Emmerdale soap opera in 2006 to reprise his role. After years of playing the mentally disturbed Eli Dingle, he finally admitted in 2010 that he was done with the part. Also in 2006, the Academy Award-winning film “This Is England” made its way to Gilgun. He took on the role of Richard Woodford, or Woody, the affable and charismatic leader of a skinhead gang. You may recognize Gilgun as a supporting actor in the film. Gilgun’s portrayal of Woody in “This Is England” quickly rose to prominence, and he was featured prominently in both television adaptations of the film. Starting with ‘This is England ’86’ in 2010, and subsequent seasons aired in 2011 and 2015, respectively.


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In the crime thriller “Harry Brown,” released in 2009, Joe Gilgun played the role of heroin dealer Kenny Soames. Actor Gilgun has joined the cast of the cult hit series Misfits. Rudy Wade, the character he portrayed, was a cheerful person who would split in two at the sight of blood. Between 2011 and 2013, he portrayed the character for three seasons.

Gilgun portrays a vampire in the DC Comics-inspired TV series Preacher from 2015 to 2019. Before reconsidering, he first said no to the part when his agent approached him about it. He had originally agreed to do it, but after reading the script, he changed his mind. In 2018, he joined the series’s production team as a co-executive producer. After that, catch him in the new TV show Brassic. As a result of the good response to the comedy series’ trailers, the media has taken a keen interest in the project. Both Gilgun’s own experiences and topics from working-class society are reflected in the show.

In instead of a fancy car or mansion, Joe Gilgun has two bicycles, as he has previously stated.
Once he found a cabin in the woods and entered it through a skylight. Due to the gaping hole in the roof, he had to set up a tent inside the building as his primary residence. He and his mom and sisters are busy furnishing and making it seem like home.

Gilgun is a man of routine: he turns in at nine o’clock every night, never forgets a line, and always makes it to the office on time. Friendships with his fellow “This Is England” cast members run deep. He is single at the moment. He claims to have an account on Tinder but is under the impression that nobody would want to go on a date with him. Famous roles for English actor Joseph William “Joe” Gilgun include Eli Dingle on ITV’s “Emmerdale,” Woody in the film “This Is England” and its television spin-offs, and Rudy Wade on E4’s “Misfits.” For the AMC TV show based on the Vertigo comic book series “Preacher,” he will play the role of the colorful Irish vampire named Cassidy.

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Joseph Gilgun
Hamilton Hodell
20 Golden Square

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Hamilton Hodell
20 Golden Square

The daughter of Judith and Andrew Gilgun was born in Chorley, Lancashire. His two younger sisters are named Jennie and Rosie. His formal schooling was completed at Southlands High School and Rivington VA Primary School. The Laine Johnson Theatre School and the Oldham Theatre Workshop were among the other places he studied acting. The combination of dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has caused him what he terms the “worst sorrow of life,” and he has been open about his feelings of depression and worry in interviews.

At the recommendation of an educator psychologist, he started taking theatrical classes at the tender age of eight, and soon after, his “exceptional gift” was widely acknowledged. He had his first acting role on Coronation Street when he was just 10 years old. There he stayed till he was 13 years old. When we last saw Gilgun, he was a Runshaw College art student. He started studying fashion design in college but eventually dropped out because the classes were too heady. He took a break from acting to work as a plasterer but is back in it with Emmerdale.


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Gilgun portrayed the naughty young Jamie Armstrong on Coronation Street from 1994 to 1997. His mother’s on-screen portrayer left the show, and he decided to follow her out of character. Gilgun made her way back to the set of the ITV show The Kids from Coronation Street in 2004.

Gilgun began his acting career while still in his teens, appearing in shows across the country. One of these was Hanky Park the Musical, which he performed in at the Lowry in Manchester. In 2006, he went back into acting full-time and quickly landed roles, including the troublesome Eli Dingle on Emmerdale and Woody on This Is England. On November 10, 2009, Gilgun announced his departure from Emmerdale, citing a desire to pursue other opportunities. On April 30, 2010, he was seen for the last time in public. A representative from Emmerdale said that bringing back the character is still a possibility. Gilgun later insisted he was not planning anything of such right now.

(1)Full Joseph Gilgun: Joseph Gilgun

(2)Born: March 9, 1984

(3)Father: Andrew Gilgun

(4)Mother: Judith Gilgun

(5)Brother: NA

(6)Spouse: NA

(7)Occupation: Actor

(8)Famous As: Actor

(9)Birth Sign: Pisces

(10)Nationality: British

(11)Height: 6 feet 0 inches

(12)Religion: NA

(13)School: Southlands High School

(14)College/University: NA

(15)Educational Qualifications: Graduate

(16)Hometown: Chorley, United Kingdom

(17)Address: Chorley, United Kingdom

(18)Hobbies: NA

(19)Contact Number: +44(0)20-7636 1221

(20)Email ID: NA



Gilgun resumed his role as Woody in the Channel 4 spinoffs This Is England ’86, This Is England ’88, and This Is England ’90, which first broadcast in September 2010, December 2011, and 2015. As of May 9, 2011, it was known that Gilgun would be joining the cast of Misfits as newcomer Rudy for season three.

The show first aired in late October 2011. He stepped into the role of Nathan’s primary actor after Robert Sheehan left. Vegas Baby is a short film about Nathan’s leaving and Rudy’s arrival. On September 15, it went up on E4’s website. “You would think it would be a nightmare, what with it being spanking new and Rob doing such a tremendous job,” Gilgun said of taking over for Sheehan. Rudy can materialize a double who acts as his moral compass. He was originally introduced in Season 3 Episode 1. In 2013, Gilgun featured in the fifth and final season of Misfits and played a Fagin-like character named Carmichael in the BBC series Ripper Street.

He and his co-stars on This Are England were so close that he often refers to them collectively as “the gang” in interviews. An additional tribute from Gilgun to his favorite member of This Is England, “Lol,” is the tattoo of his name on his hand. Gilgun was given time off from Emmerdale so that he could play heroin dealer Kenny Soames in the British crime drama Harry Brown. On November 11, 2009, Harry Brown was released from prison. Reports surfaced in 2010 that he had been offered a role in Nicolas Cage’s Kick-Ass, a superhero film, but had to turn it down due to his commitments in Emmerdale.

Joseph Gilgun contact

Chorley: Where People Go to Fight, a feature-length documentary released in 2007, starring Gilgun and welterweight boxing champion Michael Jennings. Joseph helped hand over a check for all the money made to the Derian House Children’s Hospice. Joseph was asked to be in the music video for Dead American Writers by Tired Pony in 2010. The song was featured on the album’s lead single. Shane Meadows’s longstanding collaborator, writer/director Paul Fraser, was tasked with making a video for the talented young actor. In an interview, the band’s creator, Gary Lightbody, explained that he hoped the music video would “Don’t worry about who made the album; just enjoy the show. There should be a wonderful voice and a great look.”

Also, check out Then Thickens’ music video for “Tiny Legs,” which features Joe. Since Joe grew up with a few of the band members in Chorley, he was cool with appearing in the music video. Cosmetics, flour, and eggs, among other unsanitary methods, were used on his face until the desired effect was achieved.

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