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Joey Diaz

Jose Antonio Diaz, known widely as Joey Diaz, is an American actor, comedian, and podcast presenter. Both on his own show, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” and as a frequent guest on “The Church of What’s Happening Now,” he is a popular podcast host. Diaz is the only child of his Cuban parents. They eventually relocated to the United States. Before realizing that bookmaking was dishonest, he had planned to enter the industry himself. Orphaned at a young age, he wandered into a world of crime and was even imprisoned for a spell.

He entertained his fellow convicts by performing stand-up comedy routines while behind bars. Sometime later, after taking a comedy class, he participated in and won Beck’s Amateur Comedy Competition. For this reason, he decided to pursue a career in acting. The sports comedy flick BASEketball was his first film role. Additionally, he had guest starring roles on NYPD Blue, and My Name Is Earl. Cameo parts followed in films like “American Gun” and “Spider-Man 2,” among others. His most recent appearance was in Warren Beatty’s romantic comedy-drama, “Rules Don’t Apply.”

Jose Antonio Diaz was born to his parents on February 19, 1963, in Havana, Cuba. His family eventually moved to North Bergen, New Jersey, in the US. His mom used to own a tavern and operate a numbers game. While attending McKinley School and later North Bergen High School, he excelled in the performing arts and received several prizes. In 1982, he completed his schooling and entered the workforce.


Joey Diaz pic

The events of his formative years were terrible. When he was only three years old, he lost his dad. After a few more years, when he was fifteen, his mother was discovered dead on the floor of their home. Then four families took him in as their own. However, because of his careless demeanour, he was constantly uprooting his life and settling into new residences.

During this time, his drug use and criminal behaviour began to escalate. At first, he set his sights on being a bookmaker, but then he realized it wasn’t a morally good profession. In 1985, Joey Diaz left New Jersey for Colorado to attend the University of Colorado. But the environment wasn’t good for him, so he left. He was incarcerated in 1988 for kidnapping and violent robbery. It was common practice for him to put on stand-up comedy shows for his fellow inmates when he was behind bars. Sometime later, he was reading the ‘Rocky Mountain Post’ when he saw an ad for a stand-up comedy class.

Denver’s Comedy Works hosted his show on June 18th, 1991. Sometime later, he entered and ultimately won Beck’s Amateur Comedy Competition. After the previous winner was exposed for stealing Jerry Seinfeld’s jokes, he went on to win another competition. He entered a similar contest and placed 6th out of 40 entrants in Seattle, Washington.

Diaz’s long career in comedy culminated in 2012 with the release of his autobiographical documentary, Where I Got My Balls From, which was backed by his stand-up special, It’s Either You or the Priest. It topped the iTunes comedy charts and the Billboard charts in the UK and Canada. His video and audio podcast, The Church of What’s Happening Now, premiered the same year. “Socially Unacceptable,” another stand-up special of his, premiered in 2016. To kick off his acting career, Joey Diaz played a referee in the sports comedy film BASEketball. The movie, helmed by David Zucker and released in 1998, was his directorial debut. As expected, the picture bombed at the box office and was widely panned by critics. Soon after, he appeared in an episode of “NYPD Blue” as a supporting character.

As a supporting character, he appeared in the 2005 sports comedy The Longest Yard. Acting as an illegal union organizer was his role. First seen in a few episodes of “My Name is Earl” in 2007, he went on to star in “The Dog Who Played Christmas” in 2009. After that, he had a brief part in the comedy film “Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star” and then a guest spot on “The Mentalist.” The movie bombed at the box office.


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In the 2013 sports comedy film Grudge Match, he co-starred with Robert de Niro. The movie made money though it didn’t break any box office records. The reception was not positive. After that, he had a cameo on the TV show Maron. His most recent flicks are 2016’s “Rules Don’t Apply” and “The Bronx Bull,” both of which include him in brief cameo roles. Joey Diaz’s early efforts include a small part in the popular superhero picture, Spider-Man 2. The film, directed by Sam Raimi, was adapted from the comic book of the same name published by Marvel. Commercially, the picture was a smashing success, raking in almost $1 billion on a paltry $200 million investment. It’s widely considered one of the best superhero movies ever made and has got great reviews. The Oscar for Best Visual Effects went to this.

In the sports comedy The Longest Yard, he had a supporting part. It was a reimagining of the same-titled film from 1974, directed by Peter Segal. Several well-known comedians and performers, including Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, James Cromwell, and Tracy Morgan, starred in it. Earning $190 million worldwide on a budget of $82 million, the picture was a financial smash. The movie followed a former quarterback as he assembled a team from prison convicts. The reception was lacklustre.

Joey Diaz Contact Information

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Fan Mail Address:

Joey Diaz
Arsonhouse Entertainment
11150 W Olympic Blvd.
Suite 1140
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Address Information:

Joey Diaz
Arsonhouse Entertainment
11150 W Olympic Blvd.
Suite 1140
Los Angeles, CA 90064

In 2013, he appeared in “Grudge Match,” a sports comedy film. The film, directed by Peter Segal and starring Robert de Niro and Sylvester Stallone, follows two old boxers as they prepare for their final match. The movie cost $40 million to produce and grossed $45 million, so it did pretty well. Most reviewers found fault with the movie. Both of Joey Diaz’s marriages ended in divorce. After his first marriage failed, he got a divorce. In November 2009, he tied the knot with Terrie Clark. Their daughter Mercy was born in 2013, making the pair parents for the first time.

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Comedian Joey Diaz, born in Cuba but grew up in North Bergen, New Jersey, is famous for his rough, harsh, and humorous act, which he honed while serving time. In prison for armed robbery and kidnapping, Diaz stepped up to the microphone when the movie night’s projector malfunctioned. After his release, he relocated to Los Angeles, where he began acting in minor roles in major films and open mics before obtaining his current position as a regular on the comedy My Name Was Earl in 2007. His comedy album, It’s Either You or the Priest came out in 2012.

The loss of Diaz’s father struck the family hard. Diaz found his mother died when he was 16 years old. His impulsive behaviour and propensity for trouble resulted in him being taken in by four different families in the North Bergen area during his adolescence. He credits roughly twenty people for helping him. This is when Diaz’s drug use and criminal behaviour took off. Diaz says he incorporated lines from his teacher at McKinley School in his act and that his peers’ sense of humour had a significant impact on his comedy career. Richard Pryor’s recordings were also influential on Diaz.

(1)Full Name:  DescriptionJosé Antonio “Coco” Díaz

(2)Born: February 19, 1963

(3)Father: NA

(4)Mother: Denora Valdez

(5)Brother: NA

(6)Spouse: Terrie Diaz (m. 2009)

(7)Occupation: Actor

(8)Famous As an Actor

(9)Birth Sign: Pisces

(10)Nationality: Cuban

(11)Height: 5 feet 10 inches

(12)Religion: Catholic

(13)School: North Bergen High School

(14)College/University: University of Colorado Boulder

(15)Educational Qualifications: Graduated

(16)Hometown: Havana, Cuba

(17)Address: Havana, Cuba

(18)Hobbies: Singing

(19)Contact Number: (310) 454-4770

(20)Email ID:



In January of 2023, Joey Diaz’s estimated net worth was $800 thousand. Stand-up comedy is just one of several ways that Joey Diaz makes a living. Performances, television series appearances, and film roles.

Joey Diaz has become wealthy thanks to his many film and television roles. In addition to serving as an assistant to other comedians. Soey D’az has performed at both regional and national stages. The money he’s made has allowed him to build up his current fortune. Dáz also hosts a podcast.

Joey Diaz is a well-known comedian, talk show host, and actor who has appeared in television and film. They include the longest yard; my name is Carl and Sas. Dаz hа bееn hоtng а роdсаt саllеd The rush of what’s happening now since 2012. He is also a typical visitor to the Goe Rogahn Experience.  He was born in Havana, Cuba, but spent most of his childhood in North Bergen, New Jersey. When Zoey Diaz’s dad died, he was just three years old. Joey Diaz and his mom relocated to New York City. The couple eventually settled in North Bergen, New Jersey.

Soey Diaz returned home at age 15 to find his mother dead on the floor. Because of this, he qualified as an orphan and was required to enrol in the foster care system. Despite well-intentioned attempts to assist him, Joey Diaz was never a good fit for the environment in which he found himself because of his inherent nature and propensity to cause trouble. So, she kept relocating from place to place.


Joey Diaz contact

For example, four families in the area took him in and raised him as their own. North Sergen for the remaining four years of his teenage years after his mother’s death. Daz not only committed criminal acts, but he also used illegal substances. At the tender age of nineteen, Joey Diaz uprooted his family and moved to Mexico. Nineteen months after his initial visit, he came back to New York. He left New York for good to go to Belize. Daz enrolled in the University of Colorado at Boulder to study economics.

In 1991, Joey Diaz divorced his first wife. Due to this, Sony’s relationship with their daughter deteriorated. While incarcerated, Joey Diaz discovered his talent for comedy. Toby is now employed as a doorman at the University of Washington. That’s when he started causing trouble in the Rocky Mountains foothills. His first performance was in 1991 on the 18th of June at Comedy Work in Denver. The following year, he also had an opening spot for Roy Ashley in Boulder, Colorado.

Joey Diaz competed in Seck’s amateur comedy contest. At first, he had not triumphed. Ultimately, Dáz emerged victorious in the competition. He competed in a similar event and placed 38th out of 40 competitors. In 1995, he left Colorado for California for a better life. He got his start as a supporting comedian there. We also enjoyed his company as he met his longtime friend, Soe Rogan.

Joey Diaz had his first appearances on television and in films. He has parts in The Dark Knight, Spider-Man 2, and Law & Order. And after that, he was cast as a convict in The Longest Yard. It’s also in Grudget’s Match, The Dark Night, Lucky Lion Born to Be a Star, The Dog Who Saved Christmas, Wizards of Waverly Place, and The Emotionalist.

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