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Jaclyn Glenn was born in Palmetto, Florida, on March 25, 1988. She’s renowned for Hump Trump: Official Donald Trump Song (2016), The Triggering (2018), and I Know You From Somewhere (2017). Glenn was raised as a Roman Catholic and continued to be one when she began vlogging on YouTube. She often emphasised liberal views on social issues in her early videos.

She appears to have begun to question Catholicism’s attitude on divorce, which led to a more general questioning of her faith. She declared herself an agnostic in 2012, indicating that she was no longer religious. She now refers to herself as an atheist.Glenn is a vocal advocate of gay, lesbian, and transgender rights, yet she has expressed opinions on her YouTube channel that some believe are trans-exclusionary.

She has stated specifically that a trans man who presents as a man but has feminine genitalia is “biologically a woman.”Glenn teamed up with self-admitted transphobe Arielle Scarcella to attack Riley Dennis and her partner Fiona, to the point where Fiona had to shut down her modest YouTube account due to the excessive amount of abuse she was receiving from Glenn’s massive fan base. Glenn later defended her video, going so far as to imply that she would not date a man she found otherwise beautiful solely because he was trans.

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Jaclyn Glenn



Whenever you say things that I have an issue with, I’m going to call you out, whether you have a giant channel or a small channel,” she said in the video. This stance should have obligated her to respond to other YouTubers via video, such as Blaire White, with whom she had just admitted to disagreeing on everything less than a minute before.

Scarcella had previously been featured on Glenn’s channel in her controversial Two Genders video.Blaire White, an exclusionist and conservative trans commentator, is another regular collaborator. On the other hand, she made an emotional video about transgender teen Leelah Alcorn’s suicide, decrying the religious influences that led to her death, rebutted Hunter Avallone’s infamous “The Truth About Transgenders” video, and regularly defends trans people from attacks by conservative and/or transphobic religious people.

Glenn’s videos have drawn a sizable number of MRAs when she expressed her opposition to feminism. Her major beef with feminism appears to be radical feminists. Some have referred to her as a “MRA apologist.” Her posing for Playboy has also been attacked by some radical feminists. She released a video after Elliot Rodger’s slaughter, stating that Rodger’s acts were exclusively motivated by mental illness rather than misogyny.

She’s even claimed that feminists “hijacked” the slaughter to make it appear as if it was motivated by misogyny when, according to Glenn, it wasn’t. Dawkins specifically endorsed Glenn’s viewpoint. Never mind that Rodger, widely regarded as one of the foremost authorities on his motivations, has very well refuted this.


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(1)Full Name: Jaclyn Glenn

(2)Born:  25, 1988

(3)Father: Stephen Hornbeak

(4)Mother: NA

(5)Sibling: Alyssa

(6)Spouse: Married

(8)Famous As: YouTube Personality

(9)Birth Sign: Aries

(10)Nationality: American

(11)Height: 5 feet and 9½ inches

(12)Religion: Christian

(13)School: NA

(14)College/University: NA

(15)Educational Qualifications: NA

(16)Hometown: Tampa, Florida

(17)Address: Tampa, Florida

(18)Hobbies: Reading, photography, learning, traveling

(19)Contact Number: NA

(20)Email ID:



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In 2015, Glenn was accused of plagiarism, which he denied. When she was confronted with a video she created about Kim Davis in which she mimicked every word of a video by Theoretical Bullshit, she became embroiled in controversy. She was then discovered reading her Facebook admirers’ comments word for word and passing them off as her own. Other movies of hers were later discovered to contain dialogue from other people, including Sam Harris.

She, on the other hand, largely plagiarised — that is, copied precisely without attribution — Facebook comments and conversation from other YouTube videos. Many other YouTubers, including her friend TheAmazingAtheist, denounced her behaviour.After a troll on Twitch impersonated her and offered Eugenia Cooney a bogus apology, Jaclyn Glenn sent a message to her. Eugenia Cooney was transferred to an eating disorder treatment centre after an intervention staged by Jaclyn Glenn in 2019.

Eugenia appears to view Eugenia’s intervention and rehab stay as an act of cruelty, even though Jaclyn did not stage the intervention or bring Eugenia to treatment. Jaclyn has been on the defensive since Eugenia was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, with claims that she had no authority to help Eugenia or enable experts to meet with her.


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Eugenia Cooney’s fans are very worried that she may die of anorexia. Many people are grabbing at straws to figure out how to help Eugenia, and Eugenia does not consider individuals who are frightened that she may die if she does not control her eating disorder to be helpful.She has described those who are concerned about her weight and health as “bullies” or “negative” towards her on several occasions.

People are reaching out to Jaclyn Glenn, begging her to help again now that Eugenia has lost weight since her recovery.Jaclyn has stated that she loves Eugenia and wants the best for her, and that she would drop everything if Eugenia needed her and reached out for assistance, but her options are limited at this time.

She is unable to intercede again.On September 3, 2020, while Eugenia Cooney was on Twitch, the troll popped in under the account JaclynNGlenn and apologised for interfering.Eugenia initially mistook the apologies for one from the actual Jaclyn and accepted it. It was then that she understood it was a troll account.Jaclyn Glenn took to her own YouTube account, where she has 826,000 subscribers, to address the situation.

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