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Gianna Martello

Gianna Martello is a multi-talented artist who not only performs but also creates her own choreography. She had a role in one of the episodes of the programme that was called “Dance Moms.” She became recognised as a result of the impeccable choreography she did during the whole of the series. She was the one who was responsible for the choreography in the music video for Alex Calise’s song “Cry,” which was one of the most popular songs in the history of music.

Gianna Martello came into the world on June 10th, 1989, in the state of Pennsylvania, which is located in the United States of America. She was the offspring of Paul Martello (her father) and Kim Martello (mommy ). (mommy). Even though she was born in the United States, the fact that she has North American heritage allows her to have American citizenship. Her mother and her aunt each have their own experience in the world of dance as well. She has been dancing since she was only four years old, and her talent as a dancer is quite remarkable. She has a passion for the dance. She received her training at the prestigious Reign Dance Productions.

After finishing her coursework at Point Park University, she was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Her concentration was in Public Relations. Her professional career in the performing arts began with her establishing herself as a dancer and a choreographer. She has a great deal of expertise playing on stages that are really tall. After that, she went on to choreograph a dance for a group that was eventually called “Blue and Black.” After having such a promising beginning to one’s career as a dancer,

Gianna Martello contact


She became emotionally distraught at her inability to dance and removed herself from the Dance Moms community. She ensured that the series was flawless, and as a consequence, it had a very positive response from the general public; this played a role in her being well-known. In spite of the fact that it is believed that she has a net worth of $600 million, her yearly income has not been made public.

There was a rumours going about about Gianna that the television programme Dance Moms, which is widely regarded as being among the very greatest shows that have ever been produced, may be terminated. After that, she started watching the series, and towards the conclusion, the cast and crew had arrived at a climax, which they would shortly begin filming again the following year.

Gianna has a height of 5 feet and 1 inch, according to the measurements taken. Her whole physique weighs 52 kg when taken into account. Her eyes have a bluish-green hue to them, and her hair is a dark brown tint. Her height, weight, and other physical characteristics are not described in any detail. Gianna Martello is Present and Engaged Across Multiple Platforms, Including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She has more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram and over 260 thousand followers on Twitter. Her total number of followers on Instagram is over 23 thousand. On several platforms, she has a large following.


Gianna Martello info

Gianna Martello Contact Information

Here you can find her contact data, including her fan mail address, address details, email id, residential address, house address, place of birth, phone number, contact number, email id, physical address, booking agent data, manager/secretary contact information.

Fan Mail Address:

Gianna Martello,

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Address Information:

Gianna Martello, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Gianna Martello is a very accomplished choreographer who was born on June 10th, 1989 in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. It is probable that she is most known for her appearances on the reality television programme “Dance Moms,” of which she has been a part since the show’s start. She has been a cast member for the whole of the show’s run. How much does Gianna Martello have in her bank account? Gianna Martello has been appearing on reality television series since 2011, and those appearances are the primary source of her fortune.

As of the latter half of 2017, it is generally accepted that the whole amount of Gianna Martello’s net worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of $600,000. Gianna Martello was born to Kim and Paul Martello, and she developed an interest in dancing at a young age as a result of the fact that both her mother and her aunt were skilled dancers. Gianna is the daughter of Kim and Paul Martello. Martello is the town where Gianna was born. When Gianna was only four years old, she first began attending ballet lessons with Abby Lee Miller.


Gianna Martello infomation

She honed her dance skills and capabilities throughout the course of the subsequent two decades, which finally led to her being one of the most famous choreographers working at Abby’s Reign Dance Productions school. The current prosperity enjoyed by Gianna Martello may be attributed to the accomplishments of the firm that she founded. Gianna earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising and Public Relations from her alma mater, Point Park University, in her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, before she made the decision to pursue dance on a full-time basis. Point Park is located in the state of Pennsylvania.

Gianna initially gained global recognition in 2011, when she was recruited by the cast of the reality television series “Dance Moms” on the Lifetime channel to serve as one of the choreographers for the show. She continued working there for the succeeding number of years, during which she gained more reputation and became more well-known. The news that she will be departing the programme, which is presently in its seventh season, was made by her in April of 2017.

Gianna Martello was able to greatly enhance the overall amount of money that she earned as well as the amount of fame that she commanded in the entertainment business as a direct result of her involvement in this programme, which is without a doubt beyond anyone’s reasonable question. Gianna has been a part of a wide variety of other television and reality projects, including a number of ceremonies for the “Teen Choice Awards,” in addition to the ones that have been previously included above in this paragraph. In addition, she has had supporting roles in episodes of the television programmed “JoJo’s Juice” and “Kingdom Geek,” both of which she has appeared on.

In addition to that, she worked as the choreographer for Alex Scalise’s music video for the song “Cry.” Without a shred of doubt, the entire amount of Gianna Martello’s wealth has expanded considerably as a direct result of all of the efforts that have been described so far as well as the triumphs that have ensued as a direct consequence of those accomplishments. Gianna Martello has been successful in keeping her personal life relatively quiet, despite the fact that she spends the most of her time in front of the cameras.


Gianna Martello photo

(1)Full Name: Gianna Martello

(2)Born: 10 June 1989 (age 33 years)

(3)Father: Paul Martello

(4)Mother: Kim Martello

(5)Brother: NA

(6)Spouse: NA

(7)Occupation: Choreographer

(8)Famous As: Choreographer

(9)Birth Sign: Gemini

(10)Nationality: American

(11)Height: : 5′ 1″

(12)Religion: NA


(B) NA


(a) NA
(b) NA

(15)Educational Qualifications:

(a) NA
(b) NA

(16)Hometown: Mumbai, India

(17)Address: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

(18)Hobbies: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

(19)Contact Number:

(20)Email ID: NA



In spite of the fact that she is a famous public figure, this is the case. At this point, there is not a single relevant fact or piece of information, not even hearsay, regarding her love relations and affairs. At this time, she likely resides in Los Angeles, which is located in the state of California. She had previously studied at a number of smaller dance schools in the surrounding area prior to enrolling in classes at The Abby Lee Miller Dancing Company (ALDC) when she was seven years old. Her whole life, she had the dream of becoming a great dancer, but the world had other things in store for her. At the age of sixteen, she started helping Abby, which marked the beginning of her venture into choreography.

Together with her friend Abby, she started teaching youngsters how to dance, and she continued this job over the weekends of her university studies. She eventually became well-known in the dance world and became Abby Lee Miller’s right-hand man as their relationship blossomed over time. Her appearances as a frequent choreographer on the programme ‘Dance Mom’ brought her the most attention and made her a household name. She was already assisting Abby in running the programme, doing things like getting the children ready for their performances and making sure the music was in order.



She was strongly encouraged to participate in the production as a choreographer by the producers, but she did not consider this to be a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Gianna went on to become one of the theatre industry’s most well-known choreographers when the performance finally became a huge success and was critically acclaimed. She is held in high esteem by both the mothers and the candidates, and she is Abby’s most trusted confidante. She is responsible for training and choreographing the winning dancer of the Teen Choice Award, Maddie Zeigler, who is a well-known young performer. back, Meghan Trainor, and Kendall Vertis are just a few of the artists whose music videos she has choreographed. Her work as a choreographer on the music video for Alex Scalise’s “Cry” earned her a number of prizes.

Gianna was a competitive dancer for many years and participated in a variety of national contests before she decided to devote her whole time to choreography. Her resume is filled with impressive achievements. She finds it difficult to tell a story precisely through graceful movements that do not distract the audience from the music, which is why she prefers to dance and choreograph the lyrical/contemporary style of dance out of all the genres of dance. This is why she prefers to dance the lyrical/contemporary style of dance.

She has come a long way since she used to teach Dance 101 lessons to young children on the weekends in between her own classes. Now, she is taking on full-time choreographic responsibilities for a television show. Because of their 20-year relationship, she and Abby have a close connection, and she vehemently denies any claims that Abby is a gloomy and disagreeable person.


Gianna Martello picture


She has stated that she is content for the time being to be in Pittsburg, near her family and ALDC, while also having the opportunity to travel around the world for the dance reality show. She is extremely loyal, and despite the fact that she is well-known enough to make her own way in major cities such as Los Angeles and New York, she has stated that she is content for the time being to be in Pittsburg. She is well-known enough to make her own way in major cities such as Los Angeles and New York.

Gianna is a quiet and reserved lady who isn’t accustomed to being the center of attention. She would want to remain behind the scenes and participate in the choreographic process of the dance rather than being in front of the camera. She is the unifying force behind the programme, and everyone, from the producers to the contestants, turns to her for guidance.

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