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Donald Wahlberg is an American singer, actor, and producer who was born in New York City. As he is affectionately known, he goes by the moniker of “Donnie.” No matter how unremarkable his upbringing was, he managed to carve out a great career for himself in the entertainment sector. As a member of the band ‘New Kids on the Block,’ which is still operating today, he was instrumental in its formation. “Please Don’t Go Girl” and “The Right Stuff” are just two of the many popular singles from this collection of singer-songwriters.

When it came to singing and dancing, this group was the most popular on the scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They have sold over 80 million albums worldwide, which is a record for any band. His film appearances, like those in “The Sixth Sense,” have been significant additions to his musical successes.

He has also been in a number of television shows, all of which have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from the general public. His other accomplishments include the creation of a number of reality television shows. Although his brother Mark is a more well-known film star than Donnie, Donnie has managed to emerge out of his brother’s shadow and establish himself as a significant figure in the music and entertainment industries.

Donnie Wahlberg Contact Information

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Fan Mail Address:

Donnie Wahlberg
Rain Management Group
11162 La Grange Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Address Information:

Rain Management Group
(Talent Management Company)
11162 La Grange Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Donnie was born on August 17, 1969, in the city of Dorchester, Massachusetts, in the United States. He is an American actor and singer. The eighth child of his parents, who had a total of nine children, Donnie was the eighth kid born to them. His mother Alma Wahlberg supported the family while working as a nurse’s aide at St. Margaret Hospital, while his father Donald Wahlberg supported the family as a truck driver for the company. Donnie received his given name as a result of his father’s influence.

‘William Monroe Trotter School,’ in Roxbury, was where he earned his formal schooling. His school was more than half an hour away, so he had to trek a long distance to get there on foot. In the course of these long car drives to and from school, he developed an interest in rap music, which he now enjoys. In his time at Roxbury, he met Danny Wood, who he later grew to know and consider a friend. He began collaborating with Danny on rap tunes, and the two of them began composing rap music together.

The following year, he and his younger brother Mark moved in with their mother to start their new lives. Copley High School was the name of the school where he attended. Danny has also decided to enroll at this college as well. When they formed their first rap group, they came up with the moniker ‘Kool-Aid Bunch’ because of this. After starting at ‘Copley High School,’ he went on to participate in a range of theatre activities, such as singing and directing. He also began participating in school plays while still in school.

A member of the teenage vocal group “NYNUK,” the young guy began singing professionally at the age of 15 as a member of the group. The pair separated in 2008 after nine years of marriage. Donnie married Kim Fey in 1999, and the couple had two children together. The couple’s two boys are named Xavier and Elijah, respectively. A year later, in the state of Illinois, he tied the wedding with television star Jenny McCarthy.

His younger brother, Mark Wahlberg, is also well-known for his work as an actor, musician, and producer, in addition to his other achievements. Wahlburgers is a Boston-based restaurant owned and operated by Paul Wahlburger, who is the oldest brother of the founders. Co-owners of the business alongside Donnie and Mark, Paul is a member of the family. He lends his support to the ‘Boys and Girls Club of America,’ which is dedicated to assisting impoverished children and teenagers.

Additionally, he volunteers with ‘Habitat for Humanity,’ a non-profit organization that builds homes for homeless people throughout the world as part of his charity endeavors. Affiliation with the non-profit organization ‘KaBoom,’ which is dedicated to the provision of good play spaces for children in metropolitan areas, is his passion. Among his charitable endeavors is membership in the ‘Entertainment Industry Foundation,’ which works to generate awareness and funds for a range of causes, including cancer research, the performing, and visual arts, education, and cardiovascular research, among others.

At the age of 15, Donnie was found by music producer Maurice Starr and auditioned for him in 1984. This time it was Maurice who was caught aback by his abilities in singing, dancing, and rapping. Later, he entrusted him with the responsibility of organizing a group known as “New Kids on the Block,” which he completed successfully. Donnie enlisted the assistance of a number of people, including Mark, Danny Wood, Jordan Knight, and Jordan Knight’s older brother Jonathan.

(1)Full Name: Donnie Wahlberg

(2)Born: August 17, 1969

(3)Father: Donald E. Wahlberg Sr.

(4)Mother: Alma Wahlberg

(5)Brother: Mark Wahlberg, Paul Wahlberg, Robert Wahlberg, Scott Wahlberg, Arthur Wahlberg, Jim Wahlberg, Buddy Wahlberg

(6)Spouse: Jenny McCarthy (m. 2014), Kimberly Fey (m. 1999–2010)

(7)Occupation: Singer

(8)Famous As: Dreamcatcher

(9)Birth Sign: Leo

(10)Nationality: American

(11)Height: 5 feet 10 inches

(12)Religion: Not Available


(a) William Monroe Trotter School and Copley High School

(14)College/University: Not Available

(15)Educational Qualifications:

(a) Undergraduate

(16)Hometown: Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

(17)Address: Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

(18)Hobbies: Not Available

(19)Contact Number: (310) 945-9520

(20)Email ID: Not Available



The group’s debut album, just titled, was a commercial and critical failure. The group’s second album, simply titled, was a critical success. In 2002, they released the single “Hangin’ Tough,” which became their second studio album, which became an instant hit upon its release two years later. When Maurice Starr departed the group in 1993, the organization was in the midst of a period of transition and transformation.

The band’s debut studio album, titled ‘Face the Music,’ was released independently in 1994 and was their first major-label release. The response to this album has been extremely favorable from the music critics. On the other hand, it did not fare well in terms of commercial success. Later that year, the group known as the ‘New Kids on the Block’ disintegrated as a result of internal conflicts.

Immediately following the dissolution of the group, Donnie decided to try his hand at imitating his younger brother Mark for a short period of time. His appearances in films such as “Bullet,” “Ransom,” and “Black Circle Boys” were among the highlights of his 1996-1997 filmography, which also included minor roles in other productions. Southie, in which he co-starred with his brother Robert in 1998, was a critical success, and in which he won critical acclaim.

Donnie’s feature film debut, “Sixth Sense,” was his first major break in the industry, and it was the catalyst for his subsequent success. As a result of the popularity of this film, the critics praised his performance as a result of his appearance. The paratrooper he played as a World War II paratrooper in the highly acclaimed ten-part television series ‘Band of Brothers’ received widespread praise for his portrayal.

The drama series ‘Boom Town’ (2002-2003), as well as the film ‘Dream Catcher,’ round out his acting resume. In addition, he is a published author (2003). During the year 2005, he appeared in a number of commercially successful films, including the “Saw” franchise. Beyond his role as “Annapolis,” he has also been in the television drama series “Runaway.” He is best known for his role in the boxing drama “Annapolis.”

When the band known as “New Kid on the Block” reformed and released the album titled “The Block,” it was hailed as a triumphant return. First and foremost, this album debuted at No. 1 on the ‘US Billboard Top Internet Albums chart for the first time. Following that, the band embarked on a world tour in order to promote the release of their new album.

This tour aided them in re-establishing communication with their fans after a long period of time. In 2010, he was cast as one of the major protagonists in the CBS police drama ‘Blue Bloods,’ which premiered in the fall of 2010. In 2013, ‘New Kid on the Block’ embarked on a world tour in support of their new album ’10,’ which was released that year. In addition to 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men, this tour featured performances by a number of other boy bands.

The reality television show Wahlburgers, which he co-hosted with his younger brother Mark and older brother Paul in 2014, is a family affair. The show, which launched in 2014, centered on the relationship between siblings. From both the audience and the critics, this concert received an overwhelmingly favorable reception. A year later, the band released their first EP, entitled ‘Thankful,’ which was met with immensely positive reviews from the general public.

Some of the artists that have collaborated with them on their “MixTape Tour” include “Salt-N-Pepa,” “Debbie Gibson,” “Tiffany,” and “Naughty By Nature,” among others. The tour began in October of this year and will conclude in December. The tour began in earnest in May of this year, according to the organizers. The New Kid on the Block’s second studio album, “New Kid on the Block,” was released in 1988.

With the release of the primary single from this album, ‘Please Don’t Go, Girl,’ the band’s fans were ecstatic about the music. By the end of 1989, this album had gotten to the top of the Billboard 200 in the United States of America. This group’s 1990 album ‘Step by Step,’ which includes singles such as ‘Tonight,’ was published on the Capitol Records label. This album was also a tremendous hit with the public.

By this moment, the group had overtaken all others in terms of popularity in the United States, and they were the most popular music group in the world. He gained a household name when he made his acting debut in the highly acclaimed film ‘The Sixth Sense,’ in which he was praised for his exceptional performance as the deranged ex-patient who threatens Bruce Willis’ character, and he went on to star in several other films.

The fact that he only had a brief amount of screen time in the film did not detract from the positive reception he received for his performance. His weight was reduced by 43 pounds in preparation for the role, and the audience was surprised to learn that the hysterical character featured in the film was Donnie from the television show ‘New Kids on the Block.’

The film, which premiered in 2001 and received six ‘Emmy Award’ nominations, was nominated for a total of seven awards. Wahlburgers, his reality television show, was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in the category of ‘Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program’ in both 2014 and 2015. Wahlburgers was also nominated for an Emmy Award in the category of ‘Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program’ in 2014.

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