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Brighton Sharbino

Brighton is an American actress who was born on August 19, 2002, in the state of Texas in the United States. She is best known for her role as Lizzie Samuels in the AMC television series “The Walking Dead.” She had previously attended Brittlewood elementary school, where she had been a cheerleader until the fifth grade. She quit cheering and pursued a career in acting as early as sixth grade. She relocated to Los Angeles and began online education in the ninth grade in order to dedicate her time to performing. Girls’ Life magazine published an interview with Brighton in 2016, in which she discussed the need of looking for cosmetics that has safe chemicals. She and her relatives often upload videos to their YouTube account in which they perform pranks and challenges on one another.

“Friday Night Lights” and “Barney and Friends” were two of her favourite shows to work on in 2008 and 2009. As of 2010, she has worked on films such as “changing,” “cool dog,” “the death of Socrates,” and the television series “Hannah Montana.” In 2011, she appeared in the film “primary suspects,” and in 2012, she appeared in the television series “The new normal” and the film “Promesas.” In 2013, she worked on television shows such as “NCIS” and “The Walking Dead,” as well as films such as “Cheap thrills” and “Plato’s Symposium,” among others.

Brighton appeared in the television series “True Detective and once at a time,” the film “Growing up smith,” and the film “Miracles from heaven” in 2014, 2015, and 2016, respectively. In 2017, the films “Bitch” and “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” were released, as well as the television series “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.” The films “the Christmas trap” and “Urban country,” as well as the television series “Criminal Minds,” were among the projects she worked on in 2018. The television series “Zoe Valentine,” “players,” and “the shadow diaries,” as well as the films “American skin,” “radio flash,” and “Beckman,” were among the projects she worked on in 2019 and 2020. She is now active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Brighton is referred to be the “Goddess of Beauty Inspiration.”

Brighton Sharbino is the daughter of Angela and Ron Sharbino and the granddaughter of Angela and Ron Sharbino. The actress has two siblings: an elder sister, Saxon Sharbino, who is also an actress, and a younger brother, Sawyer Gregory Sharbino, who is also a performer on the stage.

Among her father’s ancestors are Cajun French, English, Scottish, German, and 1/16th Danish/Greenlandic heritage, while her mother’s ancestors are English and German. Brighton enrolled at K12, an online school, following middle school since she was unable to balance her schoolwork with her acting career at the same time.

Brighton is still in her adolescent years and is now unmarried with no children. She has never been married. She is reticent and doesn’t provide much information about her personal life. Furthermore, she seems to have done an excellent job of keeping her personal life out of the public eye, and she appears to be entirely focused on her academics and acting. ‘Changing’ is a short film that Brighton Sharbino appeared in 2008. Brighton Sharbino began her start on television in 2008, then two years later she secured a part in it. Cheap Thrills, a dark comedy in which she starred as Luann, was her first significant job in the industry.

Brighton’s early acting credits include modest appearances in both television series and films, which she continues to do now. She was cast in a number of guest appearances on television programmes before landing a recurring position in the post-apocalyptic horror television series The Walking Dead, which served as her breakout role in the industry. During season 4, Brighton was cast in the part of Lizzie Samuels, which was then expanded to include a cameo appearance in season 5. Between 2013 and 2015, she made an appearance in a total of ten episodes. Her significant film credits include ‘Cheap Thrills’ (2013), ‘Growing Up Smith’ (2015), ‘Miracles from Heaven’ (2016), and ‘Bitch’ (2017). She has also appeared in a number of television shows (2017).

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Fan Mail Address:

Brighton Sharbino
Osbrink Talent Agency
2222 W. Olive Avenue
Burbank, CA 91506

Address Information:

Osbrink Talent Agency
(Talent Agency)
2222 W. Olive Avenue
Burbank, CA 91506

Sophie Fergi has suddenly declared that she is seeing a new person, and her followers aren’t sure whether or not to take her announcement seriously. Known for her roles in the television programmes Mani and Piperazzi, as well as her presence on social media, the 14-year-old actress from Los Angeles is well-known for her work. She has a following of two million on Instagram, 1.6 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, and a stunning four million followers on TikTok, where she has recently disclosed some very exciting news about her life.

“We have some exciting news to share with you everyone,” she typed on the screen before embracing him and adding, “We’re dating.” Some fans, however, are sure that the video was staged as a joke, particularly given the fact that they believed he was dating social media sensation Emily Dobson. Sawyer Sharbino is an actor, singer, and content producer who lives in Los Angeles.

In addition to his acting credentials, which include Stage Fright (2020), Promesas (2012), and Sisters (2019), he is most recognised for his role as a social media personality. The 15-year-old has one million Instagram followers, 846,000 TikTok followers, and 1.2 million YouTube subscribers, according to his official website. In addition, he is the brother of actress Brighton Sharbino, who starred in The Walking Dead, and actor Saxon Sharbino, who has acted in a number of films, including Poltergeist and The Walking Dead.

Fans’ reactions to the news have been expressed in the comments section of TikTok, and they don’t seem to be too pleased with it. “Is there anybody else who doesn’t ship?” one individual inquired. “I’m leaving, who wants to come?” a third person inquired. The following was said by another: “This better be a joke since I ship Semily.” Then there was the question of “what happened to his girlfriend Emily LOL.”


Brighton Sharbino pic(1)Full Name: Brighton Sharbino

(2)Born: 19 August 2002 (age 19 years), Flower Mound, Texas, United States

(3)Father: Ron Sharbino

(4)Mother: Angela Sharbino

(5)Brother: Sawyer Sharbino

(6)Spouse: Not Available

(7)Occupation: Actress

(8)Famous As: Lizzie Samuels

(9)Birth Sign: Leo

(10)Nationality: American

(11)Height: Not Available

(12)Religion: Not Available


(a) Bridlewood Elementary School


(a) Bridlewood Elementary School
(b) Not Available

(15)Educational Qualifications:

(a) Not Available
(b)Not Available

(16)Hometown: Texas, United States

(17)Address: Flower Mound, Texas, United States

(18)Hobbies: Not Available

(19)Contact Number: (818) 760-2488

(20)Email ID: Not Available




Brighton Sharbino picture

Ben Azelart, a popular YouTuber, began creating films in 2014 and immediately gained to fame as a result of the daring videos and pranks he put on the site. With over 7 million followers on YouTube, Ben is well-known for his professional pranking, but he has also made headlines for his personal relationships, notably while he was dating fellow social media sensation Lexi Rivera. Since Lexi’s departure, there has been no more word about Ben’s ongoing connections, whether significant or not. So, who is Ben Azelart’s current girlfriend, and how did she meet him? Is he even in a relationship at this point in time? Continue reading to find out all you need to know about Ben’s love history.

Crushes on Ben may exhale with peace, as it looks that the YouTuber is not currently dating anybody and is fully single at this point in his life. With his social media accounts, Ben has been keeping himself busy, making sure to upload new material for his followers on a daily basis. It’s evident that none of his messages are of a romantic nature. Since his public separation with Lexi Rivera, the attractive skateboarder looks to have been enjoying the single life. In addition to Ben’s close friend Lexi, Lexi’s brother Brent is a social media sensation in his own right, with a combined following of 19.5 million subscribers on YouTube. Lexi and Brent are both good friends with Ben.

While Ben first met Lexi via Brent, they became romantically involved in 2018 when they began creating on YouTube videos together. It seemed like fans couldn’t get enough of the couple and their hot chemistry could be seen in every video they filmed together. In the end, the pair separated in 2020, and their followers were saddened when they learned the news. Their split was explained in a video in which they both said that they still loved for each other as friends, but that the relationship “no longer made [them] happy. For Lexi, being in a relationship online was a “totally different tale,” and the experience was “extremely confused.” She went on to say that it was tough for the pair to keep their followers happy while also making sure they were happy themselves, and that they eventually opted to put their own happiness first.

The relationship with Lexi began after Ben was supposed to be dating another social media celebrity with the same first name as him, Lexi Hensler, prior to his connection with Lexi. The couple’s online contacts, according to fans, seemed to all but prove that they were a couple in the making. However, it turned out that Ben and Lexi were merely good friends who worked together a lot, despite the fact that they looked like a beautiful pair.


Brighton Sharbino photo

Despite the fact that religion-based films are becoming more popular in Hollywood, for “Miracles From Heaven” actor Brighton Sharbino, faith is a part of his daily existence. “I consider myself really fortunate to have had the opportunity to work on ‘Miracles From Heaven’ and all of these incredible films,” the actress told Stuart Brazell of TheWrap in a recent interview. “I consider every day to be a miracle.” This film, directed by Patricia Riggen and starring Jennifer Garner, Martin Henderson and Queen Latifah, is about a family whose daughter Anna (Kylie Rogers) is miraculously healed after falling from a tree. The film also includes Jennifer Garner, Martin Henderson and Queen Latifah. Abby, Anna’s sister, is played by Sharbino.

The Directors Guild of America has ordered its members to halt work on the production of a film titled “Oak,” citing worries about the safety of the crew. Another company that is supporting the project is Thomasville Pictures, which was one of the production teams that worked on the Alec Baldwin feature “Rust.” On March 15, the Directors Guild of America (DGA) received notice that any members working on the low-budget adolescent genre picture, which is presently shooting in Thomasville, Georgia, might be subject to union punishment. In an interview with TheWrap, a DGA spokeswoman said that “representatives of the DGA notified the filmmakers of particular safety conditions that needed to be completed for the picture to be covered by a DGA agreement.” “The manufacturers were unable to comply with such requirements.”

The DGA did not offer any information regarding the safety violations that were committed on the job. However, according to THR, which broke the storey, there was a discussion over who would act as the film’s safety supervisor on site, and that the person was finally assigned to the post of stunt coordinator, a shift that had not been approved by the DGA. The Hollywood Reporter also reports that the film’s director, Shane Drake, has withdrawn from the project and has been replaced by Kevin Lewis, who is now listed among the film’s IMDB credits.

A spokeswoman for Thomasville Productions, which is owned by Ryan Smith, told TheWrap that the company is now working on two projects in Georgia, one of which is “Sam and Kate,” starring Dustin Hoffman, on which they are still collaborating with the Directors Guild of America.We continue to collaborate with the IATSE and SAG-AFTRA Safety Committees on ‘Oak,’ to maintain a safe working environment for the whole cast and crew.” The company’s representative, Stefan Friedman, said that the company is looking forward to expanding on its local and national relationships with all of its guild partners as it continues to create films in Georgia and other parts of the country.

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