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Aidan Quinn, who grew up in a middle-class household, went on to become a Hollywood actor. The dynamic actor has distinguished himself in the profession by catering to a range of roles thanks to his innate knack for acting.

In addition to playing the nice guy in films such as ‘Avalon’ and ‘Desperately Seeking Susan,’ he also played a wanted fugitive in his film ‘Assignment.’

The actor prefers to blend in with some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, like Brad Pitt, Liam Neeson, Johny Depp, and Pierce Brosnan, in films such as ‘Legend of the Fall,’ ‘Michael Collins,’ and ‘Evelyn.’ His forte has been portraying intellectual and sympathetic individuals.

Before finding his love for acting, the actor worked as a roofer. After trying his luck in Dublin’s theatres, he relocated to Chicago when he realized that employment was scarce in the city. He began taking acting classes at the ‘Piven Theatre Workshop.’

His roles as a homosexual lawyer in the NBC drama ‘An Early Frost’ and a guy on death row in the film ‘The Exoneration’ are just two instances of his diversity. Despite his preference for supporting parts, this actor has a long list of credits to his name.

His net worth is believed to be $9 million, based on his almost 30-year acting career. Aidan is also affiliated with the organization ‘Age UK,’ which assists the aged throughout the United Kingdom.

Aidan Quinn Contact Information

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Fan Mail Address:

Aidan Quinn
Framework Entertainment
9057 Nemo Street
Suite C
West Hollywood, CA 90069-5511

Address Information:

Framework Entertainment
(Talent Management Company)
9057 Nemo Street
Suite C
West Hollywood, CA 90069-5511

Aidan was one of five children born to Teresa and Michael Quinn, an Irish couple who had immigrated to the United States. He was born on March 8, 1959, in the state of Illinois. Father Michael taught English literature while Teresa worked as an accountant for a travel business.

Aidan and his four siblings used to travel back and forth between Illinois, Chicago, and their parents’ hometowns in Dublin and County Offaly as youngsters. Ava Eileen Quinn, who portrayed the newborn “David” in her father’s film Avalon, is his father (1990). In Rockford, Illinois, he attended and graduated from Rockford West High School.

He is well-known in Chicago for his work in theatre, most notably in Robert Falls’ production of “Hamlet.” He presently works in the theatre in New York.

Robert Quinn, Paul Quinn, Declan Quinn, and Marian Quinn are his siblings. Michael and Teresa Quinn are her parents. Natasha Richardson, his co-star in The Handmaid’s Tale, was a dear friend of his (1990).

In her will, she nominated him as co-executor of the estate (2005). Has starred in the MTV literacy commercial “Books: Feed Your Head,” which was directed by Neil Burger and featured Sherilyn Fenn and Timothy Hutton. Teresa and Michael Quinn, a professor of literature from Co. Offaly, Ireland, were his parents. He spent part of his childhood in Ireland.

He was reared mostly in Chicago, Illinois, and to a lesser extent in Dublin, Ireland, and the county of Offaly, Ireland, where his parents were born. Has dual citizenship in the United States and Ireland.

(1)Full Name:  Aidan Quinn

(2)Born:  March 8, 1959

(3)Father: Michael Quinn

(4)Mother:  Teresa Quinn

(5) Sibling: Declan Quinn, Marian Quinn, Paul Quinn, Robert Quinn

(6)Spouse:  Elizabeth Bracco

(7)Occupation: Actor

(8)Famous As: Actor

(9)Birth Sign:  Pisces

(10)Nationality:  American

(11)Height: 1.83 m

(12)Religion:  Christian

(13)School: West middle school

(14)College/University: Auburn high school

(15)Educational Qualifications:  Graduate

(16)Hometown: Chicago, Illinois, United States

(17)Address: Chicago, Illinois, United States

(18)Hobbies: Blues and Golf

(19)Contact Number: Not Available

(20)Email ID:  Not Available



Aidan came back to Dublin when he was 13 years old, even though his family had relocated to Birr when he was only 13 years old. He discovered his interest in performing while working as a roofer in the city during his late teens.

In 1978, he relocated from Dublin to Chicago and began studying at the ‘Piven Theatre Workshop.’ He made his theatrical debut in the play ‘The Man in 605.’

Quinn’s earlier theatrical appearances include ‘Scheherazade’ and ‘The Irish Hebrew Lesson,’ before making his New York debut in 1983 with the off-Broadway musical ‘Fool for Love,’ directed by American writer Sam Shepard.

Aidan Quinn’s acting career began with the film ‘Reckless,’ which was released in 1984. In this love tale, he portrayed the character of an enraged young guy.

Though his performance in ‘Reckless’ went unappreciated, his following film, ‘Desperately Seeking Susan,’ released in 1985, gave him fame. In this comic drama, he appeared with famous actresses Rosanna Arquette and Madonna. In the same year, he appeared in the critically praised television film ‘An Early Frost.’

Aidan was cast in the main role of writer Robert Falls’ ‘Modern-day Hamlet’ in 1985, after his performance in Sam Shepard’s play ‘A Lie of the Mind.’ The drama was staged at Chicago’s Wisdom Bridge Theatre.

Aidan made his film debut in 1986 with the film ‘The Mission,’ in which he played Robert Di Niro’s brother. Aidan is killed by Di Noro’s character in the film when he discovers him cheating.

Aidan starred as an escaped jail inmate in the 1987 criminal comedy “Stakeout.” In the film, he appeared with Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez. After appearing in several supporting parts, he was hired in the main role in the 1988 film ‘Crusoe.’

Aiden’s character is abandoned on an island after surviving a shipwreck, and the plot follows him as he tries to stay alive until aid comes.

This actor played the character of a boy torn between his traditional mother and a contemporary wife in Barry Levinson’s 1990 film ‘Avalon.’ At the turn of the twentieth century, a Jewish family immigrates to the United States, and the plot centers around how the family becomes stronger in the face of adversity.

This well-known actor starred as a flirty guitarist in the 1992 film ‘The Playboys,’ which was well-received by reviewers and audiences alike. Aidan portrayed Benny in the 1993 Johnny Depp film ‘Benny and Joon,’ in which he took care of his mentally ill sister after their parents died.

Aidan played the role of a Native American in the 1994 film ‘Legends of the Fall.’ Aidan’s character, the oldest of the three brothers, is the responsible one who attempts to keep the brothers from feuding. In the 1996 biopic ‘Michael Collins,’ directed by Neil Jordan, he portrays Irish Republican commander Harry Boland.

Aidan has a dual role in the 1997 espionage thriller ‘The Assignment.’ He portrays two characters, one of them is a terrorist and the other a CIA agent. The narrative centers on the CIA’s intention to apprehend the terrorist with the assistance of a CIA agent.

‘This Is My Father,’ written and directed by Paul Quinn and shot by Declan Quinn, is a tragic story of two lovers who were separated due to a catastrophic turn of circumstances. Aidan also appears in the film as an Irish farmer who falls in love with a beautiful seventeen-year-old girl from a middle-class family. He also served as the executive producer for this picture, which came out in 1998.

Aidan portrays the spouse of the female heroine in the 1999 thriller ‘In Dreams.’ In the same year, he appeared as Meryl Streep’s buddy in Wes Craven’s film ‘Music of the Heart.’ He appeared in the rural drama ‘Song catcher’ in 2000, as a mountaineer who teaches folk music. In the same year, he was cast in the television drama “Two of Us” as iconic English singer-composer Paul McCartney.

In the 2005 film ‘The exonerated,’ Quinn played Kerry Max Cook. The film tells the genuine stories of persons who were condemned to death row but were later released. Aidan starred in the NBC miniseries ‘The Book of Daniel,’ which centered on Christians and the Christian religion and premiered in 2006.

After three weeks on the air, the program was canceled after great criticism in the Christian community.
Aidan had a cameo appearance in William Rainsferd’s film ‘Sarah’s Key’ in 2010. World War II served as the setting for the film.

In 2011, the actor also portrayed a bad character in the film ‘Unknown.’ In this film, he played an assassin who plans to murder a scientist. This well-known singer starred opposite Taylor Schilling in the 2013 film ‘Stay.’ The film is based on the same-named book by Aislinn Hunter.

In the television drama series Elementary,’ he played Captain Thomas Gregson. The series, which premiered in 2014 on CBS, is a contemporary spin on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘Sherlock Holmes.’

Sean Conant is writing and producing a documentary called “The Gettysburg Address,” which will be released in 2015.

23yjIn this documentary, Aidan plays the role of ‘Theodore Parker.’ Aidan played a homo-sexual lawyer with HIV in the 1985 NBC drama ‘An Early Frost,’ which was the first major television picture to explicitly confront the difficult topic of AIDS. His performance was well-received, and he was nominated for an ‘Emmy’ Award.

In the television drama, he received an Emmy nod for his portrayal of a homosexual lawyer who has been diagnosed with HIV.

His second nomination was for his role in the television movie ‘Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee,’ based on Dee Brown’s novel of the same name. In the feature film, he played Senator Henry L. Dawes of the United States.

The actor has been married to actress Elizabeth Bracco since September 1, 1987, and the pair has two children.

Ava and Mia are their two children. Their eldest daughter, Ava, is autistic. Mia had a cameo appearance as a ghost in the 2009 film ‘The Eclipse.’

Declan, Quinn’s older brother (cinematographer), Marian, Quinn’s younger sister (actor), and Paul, Quinn’s younger brother (writer/director), are all involved in the film industry. James, his other brother, works as a landscaper in Los Angeles.

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