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Adelaide Kane is an Australian actress who has been in series including “Neighbours” and “Teen Wolf.” Her performance in the film ‘The Purge’ was also well-received.

She was born in the Perth suburb of Claremont. She began acting, dancing, and performing when she was three years old. She started acting in print advertising at the age of six and went on to star in several children’s television programs.

She also appeared in plays as a child, including ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Oliver.’ She rose to popularity as Lolly Allen in the popular Australian television series ‘Neighbours’ when she was a teenager. She has also starred in a variety of other small and big screen ventures over her career, including the TV series ‘Power Rangers RPM’ and ‘Teen Wolf,’ as well as the TV film ‘Secrets of the Mountain.’

While she is more known for her work on television, she is also trying hard to establish herself in the film business. She starred in James DeMonaco’s futuristic horror thriller ‘The Purge,’ in which she portrayed one of the major characters.

The picture was a financial success, but critical reviews were generally negative. She also appeared in ‘The Devil’s Hand,’ a horror thriller.

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Fan Mail Address:

Adelaide Kane
Frog Management
Post Office Box 68
Northbridge WA 6865

Address Information:

Frog Management
(Talent Agency)
Post Office Box 68
Northbridge WA 6865

Adelaide Victoria Kane was born in Claremont, Perth, on August 9, 1990. She is an actress from Australia. Her father is Scottish, while her mother is of mixed Irish, Scottish, and French ancestry.

Adelaide Kane spent her early years in Perth, where she attended St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls. Her parents divorced when she was seven years old.

Adelaide Kane and her brother were raised and cared for solely by her mother. She was born and raised in Perth, where she attended St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls. William, her three-year-younger brother, is her younger brother.

When she was seven years old, her parents split, and she and her siblings were reared by their single mother.
She began acting when she was three years old. She performed in local performances as a dancer, singer, and actress. She began working professionally when she was six years old, appearing in print commercials.

She later went on to commercials and several children’s television programs. She subsequently moved to Melbourne, where she was cast as a part of the ‘Neighbours’ television program.

In terms of her personal life, she has previously dated Ian Bohen, Connor Paolo, and Toby Regbo. She is reportedly dating British actor Sean Teale, according to some accounts. Flown over to test for the part of “Maggie Winnock” in Cartoon Network’s first live-action series, Unnatural History (2010).

Adelaide Kane and Italia Ricci were the two actresses chosen to participate in the exam. Italia was subsequently cast in the role.

Her father is from Glasgow, Scotland, while her mother is of Scottish, Irish, and French descent.
Is a maternal illegitimate descendant of Clan Stewart’s Royal Branch, whose Chief was Mary I Stuart, Queen of Scotland and Head of the Church of Scotland, whom she portrayed on “Reign.”Sin City, Watchmen, Fables, Sandman, Preacher, The Boys, Chew, House of Mysteries, Swamp Thing, Grimm Fairy Tales, and American Vampire are among her all-time favorite comic books, according to her.

Her acting as Mary, Queen of Scots was also influenced by the DC Comics character Wonder Woman. She attended the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con costumed as Wonder Girl from DC Comics. She enjoys the television programs “Firefly,” “House of Cards,” and “Archer.” “Game of Thrones,” “Charmed,” “Invader Zim,” and “Adventure Time” are among her favorite shows.

(1)Full Name: Adelaide Kane

(2)Born: 9 August 1990

(3)Father: Not Available

(4)Mother: Not Available

(5)Brother: William Kane

(6)Spouse: Not Available

(7)Occupation: Actress

(8)Famous As: Actress

(9)Birth Sign: Leo

(10)Nationality: Australian

(11)Height: 5′ 4″ (1.63 m)

(12)Religion:  Christianity.

(13)School: St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls

(14)College/University:  Not Available

(15)Educational Qualifications: Graduated

(16)Hometown: Claremont, Perth, Australia

(17)Address: Claremont, Perth, Australia

(18)Hobbies: Hiking, Go to beaches, Singing, Dancing, Acting, Sports

(19)Contact Number: +61 (0)8 9328 6555

(20)Email ID: Not Available



Adelaide Kane rose to prominence for her depiction of Lolly Allen in the soap series ‘Neighbours’ in 2007. The program has been on the air since 1985 and is one of Australia’s longest-running drama shows.

She was nominated for Best Popular New Female Talent for her portrayal of Allen. In 2009, she appeared in a supporting role in ‘Power Rangers RPM.’ Power Rangers, a popular children’s television program, was in its seventeenth season.

Tenaya 7/15 was the wicked persona she played.

In 2010, she starred in the television series ‘Pretty Tough.’ ‘Secrets of the Mountain,’ her debut TV feature, was released the same year. She made her feature film debut in the comedic drama ‘Goats,’ directed by Christopher Neil, in 2012.

The film received generally unfavorable feedback. She appeared in the third season of the TV show ‘Teen Wolf’ in 2013. It’s about a teenager called Scott McCall who has to adjust to his new existence after being bitten by a werewolf, and it’s loosely based on the 1985 film of the same name.

In 2013, she starred in the futuristic horror thriller ‘The Purge.’ Commercially, the picture was a huge hit, grossing approximately $90 million on a $3 million budget.

She portrayed the daughter of a family hounded by killers on “The Purge,” an annual night when all kinds of atrocities are made temporarily permissible. The film received generally negative reviews. In the same year, she featured in three more films: ‘Louder than Words,’ ‘Blood Punch,’ and ‘A Letter Home.’

She starred as Mary, Queen of Scots in the television series ‘Reign’ from 2013 to 2017. Despite winning many prizes, the show received mixed reviews. She starred in the film ‘The Devil’s Hand’ in 2014.

She had a voice part in the TV series ‘Dragons: Race to the Edge’ and a role in the TV series ‘Once Upon a Time’ more recently. She also appeared in ‘The First Purge,’ a prequel to the dystopian horror film ‘The Purge,’ which was released in 2018.

Adelaide Kane also appeared in the Hulu TV series Pretty Tough, which was made up of 20 scenes and released in early 2010.

This series was based on a book by Li Tigelaar with the same title. Adelaide Kane traveled to Los Angeles for a competitive audition for the role of Maggie Winnock in Cartoon Network’s debut live-action series, Unnatural History.

Adelaide Kane and Italia Ricci were both nominated for this opulent role and competed against each other for it. Italia Ricci was later cast in the role.

In 2012, Adelaide Kane portrayed Aubrey in the film Goats. Following that, on November 28, 2012, it was announced that Adelaide Kane had been cast in the leading role of Cora Hale in the TV series Teen Wolf.

Adelaide Kane was cast as Mary, Queen of Scots in the CW Television program arrangement Reign in February 2013. In the same year, she appeared in the well-received thriller The Purge. Adelaide Kane was most recently seen on Hallmark Channel in the TV series A Midnight Kiss in 2018.

Auditioning is a strange experience. Being an actress is strange in and of itself, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Acting on a set and auditioning are two different things. You’re in a room with nothing to play with and nothing physically in the room while you audition. On the other hand, on set, you have direction, clothes, and other performers to work with. It’s a whole different situation. To be honest, I don’t watch much television. I’m more of a movie or Netflix kind of lady.

By viewing my favorite programs, I was able to learn. I’d just replay and repeat the phrases till they sounded correct to me. I never took phonetics lessons or sought out an instructor to study the American accent. I’ve always been a great impersonator. It wasn’t all that difficult for me.

I had no idea what would happen with Teen Wolf (2011). I was just supposed to work for them for four episodes, but they kept me on, and I was like, ‘Sweet! I’m still working!’ That’s fantastic!’ Then they told me they were thinking about bringing me back for the second half of the season.

Everyone from Teen Wolf is still a dear buddy of mine (2011). I still see them, and when I can, I go to Jeff Davis’ for ‘Teen Wolf’ night. It was a fantastic experience. That’s a great set.

I would not give up my job for anybody. My job, and how I can reach others through it, is the most important thing to me. It is quite essential to me.

It’s something I’m passionate about. I adore it when you like a character and then she does something you don’t like, making you hate her for a bit before falling back in love with her. I’d want to see her have some unlikeable moments that the public can relate to.

I feel like I’ve given someone something if my performance impacts them, helps them understand themselves a little more, or makes them laugh. I want to make an impact on people’s lives and invite them to join me.

I have half-Scottish ancestry. My father is a Glasgow ex-pat, and there’s a little French, a little Scottish, and a little Irish on my mother’s side.

However, my mother’s Scottish tartan is Royal Stuart, which is ironic given that I’m portraying Mary Stuart. Although we are theoretically connected, we are not legally linked. Back in the day, some lord whipped up a serving wench or whatever!

When I first claimed the tartan was Royal Stuart, I was mistaken; it’s the Stuart of Bute tartan. Although they are connected, they are not the same line. It was a miscalculation on my side. (laughing) In my opinion, since they are linked, I wasn’t full of it, but I was…because I didn’t conduct the required research.

It’s fascinating because I have a buddy who is descended from Robert the Bruce, the first King of Scotland; it’s incredible. All of these royal bloodlines seem to appear in the most unusual locations.

As the world grows and people invade, this is exactly what occurs. Incredibly, we can follow down that ancestry and trace it hundreds of years back.

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